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Out of the window

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Alarm was ringing since the past 15 minutes; I was waiting for somebody else to dismiss it while I could hear it from the bathroom. It wasn’t usual that I woke up before I snooze my alarm at least 3 times before opening both of my eyes. I knew instantly that my life is going to change. Little did I know that it wasn’t me who is going to turn my life around; it was my life which had different plans for me. As soon as I stepped outside irritably to shut off the alarm, my right foot stepped on the years old towel I was wearing. Although I saved myself from getting hurt, I had a bad feeling about the day. Looking at the little scratch on my left arm between the enlarged holes in the towel, I thought to myself that I won’t let my day go any worse. It wasn’t long before I realized that it is the last chance that I had to turn my life around. I couldn’t find my glasses. I have this weird tendency to be not able to hear or think or do anything properly without having my glasses on. It wasn’t the absolute last chance, but the last chance to proceed without any difficulty. However I did not think this way until I found my glasses lying above my head. Isn’t this weird that the things that we are looking for is right in front of us on the surface and we are unnecessarily diving deep in the ocean.

This was supposed to my perfect day as I was going to pitch my idea to the investors’ summit. I took chocolate chip cookies and left home without eating or waking anybody. I picked up an auto in the morning right on time, fortunately or unfortunately. It was quite vacant. I was lost in thoughts while looking outside as usual. Little did I know that this habit of mine will get me into a trouble. About a few metres before temple, I had an eye contact with a man who probably didn’t have the intention to take the auto but he did anyway. He was spread all over the places taking up lots of space. I shifted a bit when his right elbow brushed against my breast area. It touched again and again as if the place wasn’t enough. Instead of speaking up, I chose to stop the auto and get off. As he got off the auto after I did, I realized that whatever he was doing wasn’t unintentional because nobody would have used public transport just for 30-40 metres. I ran to a crowded place near the temple. I felt like crying, but I tried to hold my calm. I wondered how many women have to face such things everyday casually.

I went to the summit but I could not pitch my idea as was thinking about the day. Near to the end of the event, I met a guy who was going to create a venture for social development. I told him about my day and he offered me to become his partner. I had not eaten anything since morning so I took out my cookies, smiled eventually and my life turned around in way I could have never imagined. I wanted to do something that would change the face of the country forever, not through entrepreneurship but by generating a new thought among people spreading awareness. Today I am both an entrepreneur and a social worker. 


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