//Perspectives of Patriotism

Perspectives of Patriotism

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I was born in a poor-middle class family and was never a queen bee. I was one of the common folk. I loved my country so much. But being physically unfit I couldn’t join army. So I always thought it is impossible to show my patriotism.
By the end of the graduation, luckily I got a clerical in Income tax department. Only and one thing I hated about my job was the corruption over everywhere. I always wanted to protest but always lacked courage. But finally one day I did it. It was about a huge plot with 10years of tax pending. And now the promoter had come with some bribe to reduce the tax into one-third. It was nothing new. But I don’t know what happened this time…..this forever coward-weak lady just spoke up.
I just went to Rawat Sir and said politely, – “Sir, they have the money to bear the whole tax……then why are we compensating them ??…….Sir, if we take the legal amount of tax from them and give it to government, may be it will help many good works.”
Mr. Rawat just laughed slightly. Again I said – “I know Sir, may be most of this money will go to wrong persons but may be a drop of this amount will go to the perfect place !!”
Mr. Rawat again gave a slight smile and just said – “I can understand this age ……your emotion…..”
I was literally feeling so embarrassed then because after all he was my senior, and I was just a clerk.
But may be I was having mental disorder that time that I didn’t stop there.
– “No,Sir….I mean…..”
Mr. Rawat interrupted my words.”Listen Bachha, you are really young now that you are dreaming of an Ideal country with zero problem……but ground reality is something different…corruption is everywhere…..Corruption runs the country….and we are simple people, who are we to change it !! .”
“But Sir, we are the common people……may be We are the only one who can change things…..Sir, I do not dare to disobey you or to speak over you…..May be I am wrong…Please forgive my unwilling mistakes.”
Sir was listening me very carefully but kept silent.. After that incident I was just fearing how everyone will soon mock me for my stupid words to Sir.
But incidentally nothing happened.
After almost a few weeks I came to know that the promoter did not get any tax relaxation and had to pay legal amount. I was really surprised and happy both at a time…….
By the end of the year, the branch has gathered record amount of tax. That year Rawat Sir was announced to awarded by government for gathering record amount of tax. And It was the award day. When the whole department was there….. Sir said from the stage – “She is my assistant and daughterly-loved Priyanka, and together we were able to do this job successfully. For Sir’s recommendation I was awarded too. I was so happy.
There was a huge clap for us !! That day was the life-changing day for me. That day I got the realisation that It’s not that simple people can’t do anything….. actually the simple people does the awesome work !! And to be a patriotic you don’t need to be in battlefield always. And if we be honest in our own profession that is enough to be a Patriot and responsible child for our motherland.


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