//Probably, I also became one…

Probably, I also became one…

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It is an extremely happy day for her. Aarvi’s student shantibai’s daughter Rashmi has become a Chartered Account with her name in the merit.As soon as Rashmi gave her the good news, her eyes got dewy. She told to herself “Probably, I also became one!!”. And then she went down the memory lane. 


Aarvi had always been bright student. She always was like her teacher’s pet. They treated her like an apple of their eye. And that was the reason she become more and more inclined towards teaching. Year after year, she kept receiving all sort of moral support from her school and she started achieving good academic results. Gradually she completed her school and entered an altogether foreign world. Aarvi was bright in studies and a confident teacher for her friends and schoolmates, but chilling out with friends and enjoying life was a difficult task for her. She decided to pursue Chartered Accountany, because it was a profession held in high esteem in the country. Days kept on passing, she cleared the first level of CA, everything was going good and then came the most difficult day in her life…..

Aarvi failed in her ipcc exams!! It was the first failure of her life which was too difficult for her to accept but then came the second and the third one… 

These failures left her extremely shattered. Aarvi lost herself to those failures.She started losing her self confidence. She decided to give her final try without any trust in herself. 

There was no hope left for her. At times, she even thought of ending her useless life. Everything was falling in the deep abyss of darkness.But the God decided to show some mercy on her.There came the torchbearer of her life, her teacher. He helped her in winning over her weakness and gave her the courage to clear her exams.This teacher of her kept motivating Aarvi. He was like a critique, a motivator, a mentor, at times even a parent. He kept guiding her throughout her entire career path. The confidence and support of her teacher allowed Aarvi to fulfill her dreams and she became a Chartered Accountant. As soon as she gave the the news to Sir, she could sense the happiness, the pride in his eyes.

That day she promised herself to become a torchbearer for someone else.She decided to give her students unconditional support the way, her Sir gave Aarvi. Many years have passed since that day. She started teaching the children of the househelps in her area. Rashmi was one of them. Rashmi was one of them. This girl became her student at a very young age and today she has finally chased her dream. And Aarvi could sense the same pride in her own eyes, the same pride which she saw in her teacher’s eyes. Probably, the promise she made to herself is getting fulfilled.


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