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Reformation of a lost soul

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Reformation of a lost soul
– Souvik Chongder
It was midnight 1:15 am , January 9th 2015 , I was standing at New Delhi rail platform ,just 500 rupees at my Bank , lost college Journey , lost 5 years relationship , lost job , lost the faith of my parents .My favourite watch also broke at that day, I was seeing the lights of signals since 10 pm…It was red only red…I don’t know what to do in future, where is my destiny, Suddenly I saw a boy just 4-5 yrs of age with cattle of tea wanted to cross one platform to other by rail track, he was trying to climb but he failed repeatedly because his height was much lower than platform height. After few attempts he used three bricks to climb and he became successful to reach his goal .It was the key chapter of my reformation , the boy never shout for help , even he did not stop until he reached his aim and the main remark was he helped himself.
After seen this event I was shouted and crying for 10 minutes then I have decided from now I will start a new life , an aim which surrendered before 24 hours , it start again with a new soul .A mission to survive in this Earth .
Zero is an important number to decide your mission and vision with complete freedom, because this is the time when one can realise the true path for success.
I was running to catch my train and I caught and back to my home with say positively to my parents give me the last chance to prove myself.
My father was very frustrated for my decisions and he gave me one chance with different conditions, I accept all conditions because from that day my mission was to survive in the Earth.
After three years of education gap I started for my dream education as a last boy of the list in the admission and my principal gave me chance under consideration.
The circle started to move faster with this step , education have became my passion , I forgot to eat , forgot to sleep , forgot every contact details of any one of my friend , because I was in the mission. Three years hundred percent Attendance and first class State Rank first in the University and I have completed my Graduation as a Journalist. But I didn’t satisfied because I promised myself I will not feel statistician till I prove myself as I am best what I am doing. I have started post Graduate Diploma and post graduate degree both; I started my professional career as a freelance Journalist in a Bengali monthly newspaper. In the post graduate I am awarded as first class first with recorded marks achieved. But I am still not satisfied, now I am giving 24*7 to my education and professional career. My aim is to be World No .1 Journalist who will prove that one man can change something as part of fourth pillar.
I passed higher secondary in the year 2012 , then started my college but my one and only girlfriend said that if I will not be an earning member of my family then the relation will be no happy ending. I was topper at my college , I left and I joined Air India , at New Delhi, India , the day when I selected as CSA of IGI 3 I called her and she replied “I am engaged with other one , try to forget me as soon as possible”, after one year of job at the time of promotion the management said you are not eligible because you are not Graduate , I started to complete my Graduation at IGNOU but after three months an emergency call came from home that my mother faced minor stroke and I have to come back on the next flight. I resigned from job, I left IGNOU also, for high rent and education fees I have no money to travel at flight and I booked a ticket of general lass to travel 30 hours of Journey.
Struggle helps to people sign, reality is something different which we can’t see at our smart phone and glasses of car, I spent night with the rail station beggars and also suffer for food more than three weeks, but my aim and goals were much higher than my struggle. So, I am still running to reach my goal, I don’t stop till my last breath.
The story is completely real of a boy who wants to make his presence in this competitive Earth, everyone is special, try to find your way of reformation for your lost soul, find a way to survive, Never give up .


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Souvik chongder , selected delegate of United nations conference ,as representative of India . A first Class Honours Graduate and pursuing dual courses Post Graduate and Post Graduate Diploma.Founder of Souvik's art gallery a photography page , blogger .

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