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Some Stories Don’t Have Happy Endings

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Once upon a time… It’s how usually a story begins. But this story isn’t from ages ago. It’s a simple but a tangled love story, that never ended. A story of Family, Friends, A girl, Her dreams and Life.

Once upon a time, Just kidding…..Let’s go.

So it was a time when a Couple Name Mr. And Mrs. Dev had a pretty Daughter named Ayumi. They are so happy. On the third week after Ayumi’s birth, they went to their king. The king gave her blessings. But one thing he does, that never happened In centuries. The king himself came down from his throne and said she is one of a kind. Like he knows what will happen in the future, as he can see through her soul. After some time king died. But he has a daughter of the same age as Ayumi.

As time passes they grow older. She and King’s daughter became best friends, but the kings’ elder son isn’t good with her. She has one more best friend in her life, and he is her life inspiration too. He was her DAD. He was everything a daughter wants. He was a superhero of her life. Till now no one can take his place in her heart.

So it was good, actually, it was the best life of her. It was her 15th Birthday. In the morning her younger brother whos 8-year-old greeted her. “Hey! sleepyhead Di, Happy sweet big dayyyyy” said Sinu. And her mother baked her favorite cookies. Her Dad has another plan. He was planning to visit his secret place with Ayumi. Because he knows that Ayumi will love the place. The place had A natural Swimming pool, A big library with a variety of books, A big hall with her favorite things and surprising is that it has a garden too with wonderful unique flowers. Oh, how can she do not adore this place gifted by her dad?

The place has a passcode door that nobody can break. She goes there whenever she wants. One day she came like she used to. She was tired so she went swimming because she feels relaxed. She doesn’t have any idea what is going to happen in some moments.

She was swimming but suddenly she heard the door opening sound. She thought Dad was on the work he can’t come here at this hour. And as soon as she wants to come out of the pool, A boy came in front of her. She screamed and was ready to throw anything she gets in her hand. But she calmed herself down and he asked her, “Who are you in my secret place.” She was shocked because she knows it was her dads’ secret place. She said, “I want to ask you the exact same thing.” Now the boy was shocked.

They didn’t know each other before. Because they never met before even if they are coming here a lot of time. The boy noticed that she is underwater half-naked so he turns around and She realizes it. Her face turned red from embarrassment. He said, “ By the way My name is Krishna. It is unbelievable to see someone else here. Because almost nobody knows this place even exists.” At the time she was done cloth changing in the room. She came out and she asks him, “How do you know this place?” He casually answers, “I found this place when I was going back home from friends home, it was like 5 years ago. And how do you know this place?” She said, “this place is my 15th birthday gift from my Dad.”

“your Dad?” He asks curiously. She said, “Yes! My Dad, he’s a scientist and researcher Mr. Dev.” Krishna was surprised by the answer. Because he was sitting in front of his idol’s daughter……..

He never expected to meet someone like her. It was so shocking pleasure for him. He stays Silent for Some Moments. Ayumi notice And Asked, “What happened?” He said, “No..n…Nothing. By the way, You didn’t tell me your name.” “Oh! I’m Ayumi, it’s awkward to meet you here. I thought there’s no one who knows this place.” She replied. He said, “that makes two of us.” They laugh Together. And that day they meet their soulmates without knowing anything.

After some time they become really good friends. But destiny wants something different. Some days they play together and some days they help each other with their assignments, sometimes they just talk and sometimes they just sit together and reading books. It was a normal day like every other day. They were playing hide and seek but then Krishna get a bad feeling about her. Like something is going to happen to her and he couldn’t find her. He was shouting her name in worry. Ayumi notices it and came back to him. He hugged her very tight, she was shocked by his reactions. But noticing how worried he was she hugged him back. It was so relaxing, comfortable, concerning yet romantic but they didn’t know. Some moments later there was a loud thud sound where she was standing before. That caught their attention and they separated from each other. It was his feeling that saved her.

Maybe this is the power of LOVE. An innocent, pure love that still exists.

They were so happy, they didn’t even know that they love each other. One day they were free doing nothing. An Idea popped in Krishna’s mind. He said, “Ayumi, let’s go to Scary tunnel.” “you know I don’t like those creepy things.” Ayumi answers. He said, “ I promise it will be fun and I’ll be by your side all the time so don’t worry.” She sighed and said, “ You don’t gonna let me go until I say yes?” He smiled cutely and hummed in response. She said, “ Okayyyy Fine.” Without giving her moment to think he grabbed her hand and run to Scary tunnel. They reach there in some minutes. He bought tickets and they enter inside. It was so dark, Ayumi always scared of Darkness. So she held Krishna’s hand.

Suddenly something comes in front of her and she scared to death. She jumped on Krishna, closed her eyes very tight, wrapping her legs around his waist, she hugged him tight and beg to go out. He was calming her down, Smiling like an idiot, enjoying her precious reactions. He comes out with her in his embrace. She is still not believing that they came out. She was shouting “ No you are lying please go out please.” and he was busy calming her. People were watching them and laughing, blessing them and saying How cute is this couple. He held her like they were before and walked to their secret place. She was still in his embrace but now sleeping like a cute baby. She was adorable.

He put her down on the bed properly and kissed her forehead. Now he knew that he has a special feeling for her. The feeling he never felt for anyone before. He knew that he is in love with her.

At the same time in the kings’ castle, the prince was planing a ball party, at the party, he will decide whom to marry. Ayumi was also invited because she is the best friend of the princess.

She gets ready and reaches in the castle with Krishna. Princess greeted her and looked at Krishna. She feels something for him like butterflies in her tummy. Ayumi hugged her and talk with each other. Later prince came out and greeted everyone one by one. But when he greeted Ayumi he froze by how stunning she was. He decided to marry her. He didn’t know she has feelings for Krishna. When he proposed her to be his wife she feels bad for him. But she won’t even know why? Then she looked at Krishna and she had her answer. Prince realizes it but he was not going to quite this easily. He let go of her but at the same time, he was planning to kill Krishna.

Ayumi was god gifted so she saw everything in her dream one day later. She was scared and calming herself down that it’s just a dream not reality. One month later Krishna Confessed to Ayumi. She was so happy knowing he also loves her. But then She heard the news that his father breathing his last breaths. She and Krishna run to the Hospital. Her Dad said, “ He is behind my death. And save our family and also save Krishna. He will kill him save them.” and he passed away. She cried, cried and cried until she realizes what her dad’s final words. And why did he said something like that? It’s too late to recognize the person who did this. He was already in her home killing her Mom, His little Brother, and Sister.

Krishna was shocked to hear the news, don’t even have the strength to tell her. But he did because he knows it’s her right to know everything. She brocked inside Krishna held her in her embrace. They were out of Hospital and A Van pulled them in kidnapping both of them. One to kill and one to marry. Princess heard the conversation of her brother and go behind him. As they all came to the spot prince asked Ayumi if she is gonna be her wife or not. Ayumi said that she doesn’t love him, she loves Krishna. Prince get so angry with her answer and said what if he isn’t alive? Princess and Ayumi get scared. Prince took his Gun and fired in the direction of Krishna but suddenly princess came in the middle and get shot. Ayumi cried and shouted PRINCESS. Why did you do that? And the princess said her last words that she Krishna.

When the prince shot the bullet it crossed her tummy and Krishna was also got shot by the same bullet. Ayumi reached Krishna and said crying, “ You can’t live me alone, you promised me you will stay by my side all the time. How can you forget your promise?” and she grabbed the hand of the prince and shot herself. Krishna Shouted AYUMI. “Why did you do this. You know I have seen you get hurt.” Krishna said crying. Ayumi said that if she can’t be his then she has nothing. And they promise each other to meet in another world and complete the story. That is incomplete because of some psychopathic prince.

The moral of the story is Always keep your ego away or else it will destroy you and some other one’s life. Love is not to keep someone. Love is giving them the happiness they want.

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