Sound Auditor

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1:25 pm.

In an office canteen, group of colleagues sitting together cracking jokes, having good time over lunch. Omer was among them He was  swirling his finger on the top of a coffee cup and was waiting for them to get finished with it. soon something whispered in his ear, he paid attention, it was melodious sound of piano, which was arousing from the glamorous office hall. His boss (Ruthold) is very fond of music and Piano was his new collection which he wanted to exhibit in the office. Omer with all ears walked straight to the office hall, he was very mesmerized with the each notes. he moved his cup towards his lips to take a sip of coffee but he spilled it, he hastily gazed at piano. Now those music notes turned into words and it was talking to him. Omer got baffled and he lost hold of the cup and dropped it on the floor. Pianist stopped and everyone in the hall were staring at Omer, as he looked really confused.

He expeditiously walked to the washroom. His colleague (Amaya) stood near the door and inquired,  is everything is fine with him. He came out gently and answered “Yes”. He wanted to share what he felt but he didn’t, as he was not even sure what had happened with him. Omer resumed his work and got indulge in his project work.

Same evening at his home he was lying on the sofa and was questioning himself, what happened earlier was an illusion or reality?, it was hard for him to define. A voice from behind uttered ” Sir, tomorrow I will not be coming (it was his cook Afiya), I have prepared extra food, it will last till tomorrow lunch and she walked out of the house. Omer exhaled dense smoke of cigarette while standing in a corridor, neighbor walked passed and claimed ” you better stop smoking in corridor” and started unlocking his door. Omer turned towards his neighbor and heard whisper ” 2658″, he got confused and replied what is with 2658? . His neighbor turned back with perplexed look on his face and uttered ” freak, how do you know my lock code” and walked in his flat rapidly. He knew he is experiencing something stranger than fiction.

Next morning, Omer carried himself as usual, greeted everyone at the office. he sat quietly observing everyone. his eyes got fixed at the watchman, standing next to water cooler, he was dialing number on his mobile. Omer grabbed pencil, sticky note and keenly walked towards him and stood 5 foot away. He closed his eyes and wrote numbers. Omer asked phone and checked in logs, number matched. Omer gulped two glass of water out of nervousness. Now he knew he can decode sounds somehow.

He wanted to experiment his new mystical power. He decided to do something uncertain

Omer walked in an accounts department and walked out after  10 min with wide indecent smile on his face. Next week news broke everywhere titling ” cyber theft that shook stock exchange”

puffing cigarette again in a corridor, Omer turned around toward his neighbor. with maniac laugh  he mumbled ” 8353″….


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