An Inspiring Story Writing Competition

Important Dates:

15th May - Registrations Close

31st May - Submissions Close

Winner Announcements

Category No. Of Prizes Prizes
Winners 3 1st Prize – Rs. 25000
2nd Prize – Rs. 15000
3rd Prize – Rs. 10000
Most Read Stories 25 Cash Prize Of Rs. 1000 & Certificate
Most Liked Stories 25 Cash Prize Of Rs. 1000 & Certificate
Top 50 Stories 30 Cash Prize Of Rs. 1000 & Certificate

Winners will also get a chance to become a full time writing contributor
to the webpage, T&C



Winners will also get a chance to become a full time writing contributor to the webpage, T&C apply

  • 1st prize: INR 10,000 & Certificate
  • 2nd prize: INR 7,000 & Certificate
  • 3rd prize: INR 5,000 & Certificate
  • Top 25 Most Read Stories: Cash Prize of Each INR 1000 & Certificate
  • Top 25 Most Liked Stories: Cash Prize of Each INR 1000 & certificate
  • Top 50 Stories: Cash Prize of Each INR 1000 & certificate

Topics for the Contest

  1. Inspiring and motivational story with regards to yourself or people around you
  1. An incident/moment which changed your life forever and worth inspiring others
  1. An individual or NGO’s social initiative which is bringing change, making people’s lives better and needs more recognition
  1. A fictional story that can help inspire/motivate the world


Standard Contest Rules

  1. All the stories will be reviewed by participants before posting
  2. The story should be original and the participant owns the responsibility to ensure the same
  3. Participant also owns the responsibility of not violating any IPR and IT regulations of GOI
  4. All participants should follow us on our social media handles to not miss any update regarding the competition.
  5. Multiple story entries are allowed by a participant
  6. Stories should be based real life incidents of the writer, the incidents that has changed you forever or has a power to inspire others
  7. In case the story has a mention of any individual living or dead, writers need to obtain necessary permissions before posting the story on the platform. Inspitale will not be liable for any conflict whatsoever arising in such situations
  8. Story needs be based on individual’s life, personal/work related incident, initiative that has potential to inspire people/society
  9. Contest winners will be decided based on maximum likes and shares and allied parameters provided they qualify core theme of the contest and plagiarism checks
  10. The language of the story has to be English or Hindi
  11. The content of the story shouldn’t violate any T&C of the Terms of User agreement
  12. The decision on the winners will be at the sole discretion of the owners of the webpage of
  13. reserves the rights to change, modify, alter, cancel, omit, eliminate the contest, it’s rules and benefits associated with it
  14. reserves the right to all the content posted on its portal
  15. Hate, abuse and all the negative things are a strict NO-NO

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