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Stop killing birds from “Fast food”.

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We can say “Fast food” is life because as fast as it is taking place in our daily meals, it looks like, we can’t live without “fast food”.
Even when we go for outing anywhere,  major part of our food is fast food.
We all know, “How much, it is harmful for our body and body parts”.

As the topic suggest.. Today we will talk about the effect of “Fast food” on birds. Birds are totally depend on us.
What we give them to eat they start to eat.
So before giving them meal, it is not our responsibility to serve them healthy nutrients with full grains.
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Sometime it happens, we eat “Fast food”  and when it is left, we throw them to birds.
The birds unknowingly start to eat that fast food but it is really very harmful for their inner body parts.

The processed and packaged food kill the good bacteria of the birds so their digestive power become weak. rozbuzz_imagecredit: third party image reference
If a bird is eating too much “junk food” they will get fat and eventually they will die.
Like that quit feeding ducks/geese bread. It’s bad for them instead give them peas.
It is healthy for ducks/geese.
Birds like sparrow and pigeons are very fond of millet. So give them millet. It is healthy as well as nutritious.
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This fast food can damage the bird’s power to change themselves according to the climate.
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One of the Survey in France says, “They took 114 birds from six different places.
Three of them were village birds and other three of them were from city. When the France Lab name” Theoretical and experimental ecology lab” tested the samples, they found the samples which belongs to village area, having more good bacteria in the intestine than city bird’s  sample.
It simply means the good bacterias in bird’s and their species make them more powerful either in terms of digestive system or climate change.
City birds eat more “Fast food”  than village birds.

So please don’t throw “Fast food” for birds.

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