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Stranger than fiction

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They were known as the highlanders. No one knew how they came into existence and put them there. All that they knew was that they were the chosen ones and that they were above all mankind, especially considering the people from the lowlands. The highlanders were the privileged one as they had the Tree of life which sustained life and also the storage of the Holy potion that gave them the special strengths. They also had the Supreme machine by their side that gave them power over the entire world. They would also conduct the Annual sweep on the lowlanders by which they would wipe out those ambitious souls who would try to climb into the their land. At first the highlanders had nothing to unite them and thus the founding fathers smuggled things out of the Great vault to design the flag. They risked their life and hoisted the flag. It was a moment of great joy and pride when they first saw the flag. Legends say that, few eyes among them were filled with tears when they saw it first hoisted. Then they took the pleasure of creating a national anthem too.


‘’From the great land of high,

 We the highlanders,

 Came from the unknown,

 The might of the world remaining,

 To be the guardians of the mortal world,

 To be away and forever,

 With the tree of life

 And our supreme machine,

 Guiding us all the way”

Sometimes they had the threat of the walking beast, but as time went by,they learnt to sail over it. They even tried launching small attacks against the beast but they were all in vain. Thus they continued to live with the challenges of each day. They even created a center of art and culture. Highlanders always loved and promoted those people who loved art. They knew it were those people who made the world a better place to live in.


This is what happens when you put the wrong person at the wrong place. The office desk became the highland and the floor obviously the lowlands. How could a lucky bamboo on the desk turn into the tree of life? A bottle into the holy potion? Obviously office had its share of computers and he named it as the supreme machine. The maid came to clean the floors weekly and it became the annual sweep. It was indeed risky when he took the stationery items that were kept for office use to paint his flag on the sticky note. He feared at first what people would ask when he would pin the flag to the board in front of him. Writing the national anthem came quite natural to him and by now I hope you are in a position to guess who would be the walking beast. One day someone left a drawing on his office desk and he took care of it and made it as the center for art and culture. Even when he was being crushed at the office cubicle, he was creating a world where no one could do anything to him. Some of his colleagues saw him as a mad and crazy creature. But how could a kid so amused by comics and who saw the world through them keep quiet?


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