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Successful human being

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I am an engineer and this is the story of my successful life.

Just like any other day and any other engineer I’m working on my general knowledge and current affairs aiming for competitive exams that aren’t related to my core but pays well anyway. And here it is, the country lost another farmer today. When I was a kid i read from the text books that farmers are backbone of our country and we treasure them always. No matter what happens in reality the text books are always true right? So that means we really treasure them dearly. I was always obsessed with green farmlands and the idea of agriculture, but whenever we visit a village there’s a fine layer that separated me from those fields. That layer being my dad’s car window. See I’m your typical engineer raised far away from the real world but too close to a world packed with books. But today something sparked in me, something that led my feet into the farmlands. But now all i find there was patches of agricultural lands instead of the entire green landscape. And in those few patches i found a couple. A very old farmers couple at that, when I asked them why did they stay back when everyone left. They replied me with a smile saying that “this is our mother we were with her right from our birth, she’s been feeding millions for many years and now we won’t blame her for not feeding enough because we aren’t strong enough to serve her”. Then the fresh air hit me. They aren’t strong enough to serve her anymore,we are. But we aren’t interested to serve her. Still we expect her to feed us. And blame anyone that comes in the way, protest against the raising prices of goods. Then i decided something that changed my life. I decided to serve her but in my own ways. I joined the couple that day for a meal and asked them to teach me.

Teach me how to serve her, how to reboot this agricultural era. From the following days they started teaching me it was tough,rejections, humiliation, sleepless nights, sore body and yet a failure. My first failure. I learnt again, studied about farming, chatted with people,asked for opinions, suggestions, followed modern methods, ancient methods,simplified complexities, created innovative solutions. Finally got the crop. And then what happened? Loss. Utter loss for my crop. Reason? The middlemen. The price they fixed for the crop was lower than the investment itself. I decided not to sell the crop to them. What did I do then? Well i opened a legalised online platform for my crop no middlemen no extra charges than required. And started approaching other farmers to join the platform. Within 8 months my platform reached zenith and we started making fortune. And i started funding farmers, extending this platform across the country. I studied engineering, learned farming, created a business. But as per the first line of my story I’m not just an engineer but an educated person who created modern solutions for farming problems in my journey, I’m not a farmer from begging but grew up to be one, i created a business not just for me but for us. Now I’m just human being and today i am successful.


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