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It was Wednesday morning, the clock was ticking 10 am I had already made breakfast for my husband , I was getting late I shouted as there was a chaos going on mind  “Today also she is late ,why she keep doing it ,I will talk to her mother ,this not the way” , I said . “She will come you just calm down sweetie” my hubby said and leave for his work. I again checked the main door  and there was no sign of her , I called her mother and shouted angrily , ” your daughter is so late because of her I will be late at school, and….” she stopped me and said “her father created a quarrel as he is against this , because of that she is late ,Didi,”

I heard her voice and I quickly call her as she was chatting with our neighbour aunty and before I call her that lady brag her into her house to clean her utensils, I stopped that lady and told her she came to my house first and you can’t push someone to do your household chores find someone else, that girl got a little frightened and said” Didi call my mom she will do Aunty’s work, let’s go” . I just grabbed her hand took her inside my house and I told her to change quickly , she gets in guest room and came out with a school bag hanging on her shoulder and she looked nice in her new school dress. I said ” take your lunch box and don’t be late from tommorow ,I don’t want you to miss your school ,Taani beta”

She hopped on my scooty and said “toh ab chale teacher didi and we headed for school .


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