//Thank You, Babe.

Thank You, Babe.

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Thank You, Babe.


Today, I’m here to give an ode to the story of a storyteller that will give you goose bumps and make you visualise that girl whom used to adore.
She was Pritha. In one of his shows, he described his love of the life and how he sacrificed his love to friendship.
He versed were–
“We all are a bit broken,
aren’t we?We all have that one memory that haunts us during the loneliest of nights, that one face that won’t stop popping up in our mind and that one incident that makes us fear the word ‘love’. POP! laulipop! Yes, me too. I hate the word Love. Let’s me start right from the very first day. My mind was going back in time to the day we first met, smiles were awkward and eye contacts were occasional. I remember I had caught you looking at me thrice. She was Pritha. She wasn’t quite the hottest of all, but she was that kind of girl any boy could yearn for. And I was such an idiot to call her “Didivai” on my first day. Boom! She was the most studious girl in the class, who never missed a class, while I was just her opposite who never missed to miss a class. She was very helpful kind of girl who completed several practical experiments for me. She almost opened her exam copy in front of my eyes for me to cheat and pass, honestly speaking I passed the first year just for her. Thanks, Pritha. With the onset of the second year of our College Life, our relationship starts to thicken. Our college organised a certain creative writing competition titled ‘Pen-A-Tale’ where she was one of the host, and she nearly forced me to write a story, and I wrote something related to somekind of foolish war and all that.
It was midnight, I received a text from Pritha depicting that I’ve won the 3rd prize in the inter-college creative writing fest. And she was asked to kept it a secret, but she was so happy and excited about me that she couldn’t keep that a secret. She was this happy. All I could do was to thank her. She’s been the only source of inspiration and the only person who had the guts to bet my name in the competition.
Told ya’ she was the best girl!!
Within a few days we had a intercollege football tournament where our team was dominated and we suffered a huge loss but she was there on the sidelines constantly cheering for me, and after the match she was there to calm me down.

In our College fest, she was with me always. We spent our great time together. We sang together, we danced together, we ate together. She and I were inseparable. She was my best friend. She was Pritha.
She had an amazing singing voice. They say when you’re angry or sad, close your eyes and think of a happy place.
So every night I would close my eyes and think of you.
How you make your hand your mic and sing old classic rock songs. She had a certain melody in her catchphrase “YoYo!”
4 years of college life ended.
That road, on which you had been travelling together, somehow finds its way to meet an intersection that would separated us forever, a separation that in itself is an illusion. The illusion that will trick you into believing you are still together, but you are actually not. We are now just two persons walking on parallel roads that can’t see each other but can feel something. That intersection has already written your destiny, because it is there to stay and I was there to suffer.
But by that time I had already fallen for her. She wasn’t now “Just Friends” for me. Sometimes the love of your life comes after the biggest mistake of your life. I wrote a letter, not a love letter just a letter, for her
The letter said-
Dear love,
How are you? Okay? Yes? Well, I’m not. I know we decided to be friends after all, but it’s not as easy as they show in the movies. They shouldn’t skip this part, you know? The part where the realization finally hits that nothing can be done now. You always found ways to talk to me “as friends”. It was pathetic of me, I know. I should’ve known better. But, the thing is, it hurts. It hurts to think that we can’t be more than friends anymore. It hurts that now I am not going to be that person you’ll message even if your mood is off. It hurts to think about the day it all went down. It hurts to think that how our relationship just disintegrated like that. It hurts to think that our ‘what else?’ is not going to be our ‘always’. It hurts that our pictures I saved in that secret folder will be just some hurtful memories. It hurts to think that you don’t care anymore. It hurts to think that you don’t love me anymore. Remember when we were each other’s Oggy-Olly? Remember when you would call me ”Angel”? Remember when I showed you the middle finger in front of a teacher?
Where did this all go? How do you just get over all this? Maybe, what we can do right now is ignore each other’s existence for the sake of our well being. Yours “friendly”, Nabajyoti.

I kept tracing her. Tried to plot her. Every effort went in vain. I searched her face in every crowd; no matter where I kept staring my eyes were just looking for her. I longed for her face, her voice, because I haven’t seen her since 10years. A hell lot of time.
I believed that Love is like an endless sea where I was swimming but she was swimming back. I craved for her sight.
After so many years of failed efforts of tracing her. I quit. I’m weak. I’m powerless. I’m fatigue. I became depressed even at 3PM, when I’m with friends in middle of a gossip or laughter where I suddenly stop and become silent because there was something which reminded me of Pritha. She was everywhere. She was my beloved. My universe.
But that was long gone. I matured with the damage she caused, not with the years that passed by. People who says Time heals actually lies. I slept too much during those days to escape reality, wrote about her. I had to accept that she was just a passing cloud, who entered my life for temporary happiness.
But now I’ve decided Alone or not, I’ve to walk. So here I am standing in front of you describing my story and hoping that she might just bump into this video on YouTube or any other social networking sites and might try to trace me down, because I’m all done. You know she was an social butterfly, who used to react love in every post she used to encounter in her Facebook newsfeed, had more than 1k friends and managed more than 5hundred likes in her updates. She used to scroll miles of newsfeed daily.

One lonely evening, while she was scrolling through the daily feed; then suddenly she might just bump into my video on YouTube and then after watching the entire video. She would realise how much she meant to me. She felt how much I felt for her. That day she’ll try to meet me and spent some time with me. That day my love will succeed. The purity and sacredness of my love will be worshipped that day. I tell this story in my every storytelling session, because this story describes the journey of your best friend who suddenly becomes a known stranger with the ending of your college life. That’s how College love dies. Painful? Isn’t it? Death of another one-sided, unrequited love. Thank You, Ladies and Gentlemen. Lastly, Thanks Pritha.”

Thank You, Guys.

Oneday, the storyteller suddenly received an WhatsApp text from an unknown number saying “Oii” , too his much surprise the display picture holds the picture of his love of life. Yes, it was Pritha. He was dumbstruck, mesmerized and left aback by her texting him for the first time since 10years. He replied with an awkward “Bol”. He realised anyhow that the scenario wasn’t quite the same , texting with an stranger who used to his best friend. But she doesn’t text him back again, she had just marked his message read. He waited and waited; he never managed to text her because she wasn’t that Pritha whom used to spend time with. She was different. Much different, rather.
The next day he had another storytelling session, where he started with the same story. As he finished the story, there was applause but this time above all there was a “Yoyo!”, and in no time he saw the most unlike face among the audience, which never felt to be a strange one. She was Pritha clapping wildly and smiling at him
The most excited and most uncertain face in the crowd. She yelled ” Yoyo, Angel “.
That marked the start of a new friendship story with an age old friend.
Hello, Friend. Hello, Friendship.
She was a New Pritha. But he was the Same Old Nabajyoti, who used to love his best friend.
Thank You, was the only thing he could say to her.
C’est la vie.
It takes a lot to find love , it takes a lot more to hold on to it.
So do me a favor, stop and breathe for a while.
I bid Goodbye. Because a good goodbye is what I need. So, I will let you go.
I have accepted that that’s inevitable, because you’re married now.
And now, I believe, it’s the right time.
Because if we leave now, I will remember the warm smile you greet me with when I think of you later.
Maybe, I will remain in your closet of skeletons, as a girl who should’ve been named Scarlett.
It is hard to accept this fate for us because there were times we were infinite, and I thought of you when I woke up each morning.
But now the space between us grows with time.
I’m so afraid my dear, that when this ends ugly, the warm smile you greet me with will diminish such that it becomes a pretense of grace.
I don’t want to remember you for what we will become.
I want to remember you, us, for what we were once;
Oh, we were limitless!
Our friendship is limitless.
Goodbye, Love.


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