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That Incredible Night In Munich

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“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” -Bill Shankly


In today’s World all of us need inspiration at some point of time in our life. At those moments, we think that our life is going towards a dead end and there’s no way coming back from that zone. At that time, this story might help you to redeem yourself from the situation.


Today, I am going to state a very famous incident in European Football history-  First Champions League triumph of Chelsea FC in the 2011-12 season. After reading it, you will certainly feel that you can come back from any point of time in your life. The situation might be adverse; but there’s always some way out if you believe in yourself. 


Coming back to the scenario, no-one has counted Chelsea to win the Champions League final that night. The way to reach the Final of the Champions League has also not been smooth for the Blues. The manager of Chelsea, Andre Villas Boas has been sacked and Roberto Di-Matteo has been appointed as the interim manager. Chelsea have been on the verge of going out of the tournament several times throughout the journey. Napoli have won the first leg with a margin of 3-1 in the round of 16. The Blues have shown real character at Stamford Bridge in the second leg to come back from that position. In the Semifinal, Chelsea have won the first leg at Stamford Bridge with a margin of 1-0. In the second leg, Barcelona have tried their best to make a comeback in the game. However, Chelsea have found their way out with the last minute goal of Fernando Torres. Well, Chelsea could have been easily out of the competition from the semifinal itself. However, they have defended throughout the whole match with all their hearts. Petr Cech has been brilliant under the bars and they have somehow managed to sneak the win. 


In the final of the Champions League, the Blues have come as the underdogs. The match has been scheduled at the Allianz Arena, the home ground of Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich are considered as the favourites with every aspect in their favour. The manager of Chelsea, Roberto Di Matteo has to start Ryan Bertrand in this match. The young player has not started a single match for Chelsea in this competition before. The captain, leader and legend of the Blues, John Terry has not been available because of the red card in the previous match. Chelsea have been behind their opponents ahead of the match because of obvious reasons. 


Bayern Munich have started the match with a blast. However, the Blues have stayed in the match with their no-nonsense defending approach. Well, Chelsea have been successful in this approach till the 83rd minute. Thomas Muller has headed the ball into the goal from the corner taken by Toni Kroos to break all the dreams of every Chelsea fan all over the World. Even, the biggest supporter of Chelsea FC has not thought that the Blues could have staged a comeback from that situation. However, the God of football has some other plans. Chelsea have got a corner just after the goal of Bayern Munich. Juan Mata has provided a brilliant ball towards Didier Drogba. King DD has placed the ball perfectly into the net. From nowhere Chelsea have come back into the match to take it to the extra time. 


In the extra time, Petr Cech has saved a spot kick taken by Arjen Robben. Well, the momentum has certainly been shifted towards Chelsea FC after all these incidents. The match has gone to the penalty shootout. Juan Mata has failed to convert the first one for the Blues. The memories of losing the Champions League final against Manchester United in the penalty shootout have been haunting Chelsea players at that moment. However, Petr Cech has saved back to back two spot kicks taken by Olic and Schweinsteiger to hand over the advantage to Chelsea FC. Didier Drogba has gone to take the last spot kick for the Blues. Drogba has calmly placed the ball into the net putting Manuel Neuer at the wrong side. 


The moment has been incredible. All the fans of Chelsea have been waiting for this moment for years. Against all the odds, the players have delivered their best to win the Champions League title on that night. When we are depressed and sad with the outcomes of our lives, we need to believe that there will be a header of Didier Drogba at some point of time to take the situation in our favour. 


Stay calm, focus on your work, success will certainly come your way one day. 


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