The Dawn

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Another dawn with new hope and opportunities. The beautiful, well planned coastal town begins it’s day. Sunrises from the sea, spreading it’s golden radiance that shines all over the cloudy sky and on the gliding waves of the sea that gives a person energy to start a day.

S1 Police station that is located in the center of the coastal town “Saaral” seems to be energetic and busy – the reason, the policemen preparing to welcome the newly appointed inspector named Maran. As many other town – communal clashes are common in Saaral.

Maran, is a first graduate from a poor family. He honestly utilised the scholarships and studied well, that made him a police officer today. Inspector Maran enters the station. The policemen and women welcome him with flowers, shawls and garlands. Maran exclaimed with joy, and said “It’s a fabulous opportunity to serve in a place where I was brought up.” He added “I would like to make the youngsters to understand the significance of education, because I have seen enough struggles and conflicts in my town.” Maran, decided to empower the youngsters by channelizing their skills and talents in education and sports.

The phone rings – constable Reena attends the phone and said to Maran “Sir, phone from control room. There is a communal clash at Teresa Nagar.”

Inspector Maran plunged in disappointment. When he reached the spot, he felt more unfortunate as he noticed his friend Vetri leading the violence. 

Both are childhood friends. They went to school together and used to play at the sea shore. Both of them loved their Master Lawrence, as he always teach them good values and moral. Vetri is from a rich family as his father owned a textile business, so he never bothered about studies. 

Slowly the verbal fight brewed to violence. Whatever effort Maran takes to avoid violence went in vain. Maran shouted “Vetri, please stop what you’re doing now. Think about what our master taught us.” But Vetri didn’t turned to him.

The frenzy mob started throwing stones near the school. Master Lawrence, who is teaching inside the school comes out to know what is happening; suddenly a stone injured his forehead. 

Immediately the master tries to evacuate the children to a safe place. Some miscreants set fire to the library. 

Maran, shouted “Alas! Vetri see our school library is burning, where the books of great people taught by our master are kept; come fast!”

Both step in rescue operation. The master is totally injured. Maran and Vetri together rescued the master. The master hold the hands of both and said “Don’t forget the story of Graham Staines,even after Staines and his two little children were burnt alive, Staines wife Gladys said – It is far from my mind to punish the persons who were responsible for the death of my husband Graham and my two children. But it is my desire and hope that they would repent and be reformed.” Both of them moved. Holding the hand of their master, they shouted at the mob “Stop it, Stop it, don’t attack our brothers.”

This incident brought a change in Saaral. The people requested the President of India to declare their town as ” Caste less” and allow them to write their ethnicity [Tamils] in the column asking caste, if required.

Maran did not think about such an immediate reformation, but it happened. Vetri realised the importance of education. The school, the master who sowed the seed of good values, the friendship of Maran and Vetri reformed the whole town. Saaral becomes the ideal town of the country.


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