//The early years of my entrepreneurial journey

The early years of my entrepreneurial journey

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The story goes back to my fifth semester engineering when l sitting on a floor mat on one fine Sunday. Everyone in my college then was busy gearing up for the journey beyond those four years. Looking at them, l used to often wonder about my journey? It was then that on this Sunday, l was deeply brooding over this thought giving myself various options & debating in my mind which career option should be the best for me. It was then that l was struck by one clear, fine intuitive thought of what l should pursue.

I was bewildered & in a dilemma when this thought surfaced up. Initially, l started to give myself all the reasons why this would not be an intelligent thing to do. But soon surrendered to my intuition when l realised that this kind of guidance by my intuition has happened for the first time and l should take the chance of listening to it.

Thus I decided to complete the remaining semesters of my engineering and embark on this journey. With plentitude of courage & audacity, l decided not to appear for my placement exams in my seventh semester understanding it was futile. Using a bit of smartness, l convinced my father about the job that l wanted to do post my engineering. He though reluctant initially but gradually agreed. After completing one year of work with an NGO in Bangalore, l got signalled by the Universe that l’ll be grinding for four more years with no reward and the fifth year be the biggest thing on the planet.

Upon learning this, initially, it caused a whole lot of frustration & annoyance. I had already been going through some low phases in life and was really looking forward to professional success. But eventually while walking the path have realized that the Universe is preparing me something really big. As is said, beautiful things take time. Mastery takes time. That’s how my journey into self love began. My journey of moulding into an entrepreneurial mindset began. There are all kinds of days. There are days when l feel supercharged. There are days when l am aching in loneliness. There are days of despair. There are days of hope.

Initially disheartened but gradually have accepted my journey. There are ways of how l keep myself going and not giving up no matter what. Reading about souls who have made it big in their lives, where each of them have their stories to share. They have transformed their struggles into strength. Their stories have inspired other humans. Yes, this journey is not an easy one, if l have to be honest. But if each one could do it, then each one would be at the same place in life. There are some humans whose purpose is to inspire other humans. I understand l am one of those.

l have started becoming comfortable in my discomforts. I have started becoming fine sitting through the most difficult times of growth. Yes, there are many challenges and they bother me, let’s be honest. I am not earning a lot of money. But yes somewhere, l am also enjoying so many things that l once wanted as a school student. With the hope that similarly, the things that l want today will come to me some years later. I am enthusiastic, hopeful & passionate about where l want to see myself in the next few years. Recently, l learnt that success is a journey and not a destination. So, keep celebrating your wins as they come along. I am falling in love with myself as l see myself getting better bit by bit. I am not giving up thinking that one day my story will inspire someone else, who happens to walk a similar path. Bit by bit, my mind is becoming calmer. I am becoming a better person. And most importantly becoming more & more accepting of myself. Time is passing by and my time will come. My story will definitely inspire others. I have faith in myself. Because only if l do, will others have it in me.


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I am a budding entrepreneur who hails from the Buddha's state of Bihar, from the capital city Patna. After completing my schooling from a catholic convent from my hometown, went to pursue engineering from MIT, Manipal, Karnataka. I am in the first five years of my career and have worked & lived in Bangalore & Mumbai. And now, living in Pune. Have devoted the early years of my career to exploring, experimenting, experiencing & taking risks. In the process of which learning & becoming wiser.

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