The Gift

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Have you ever imagined a gift can change someone’s life ?….If not, then be ready to explore a life where you can be witness of changing people life with just a little effort to hold a relation, some happiness and lots of ups & down.

Hi…..I am Poorvi Gupta studying in 8th standard carries a bold and straight forward attitude enough to describe my personality.

When I was in 5th standard, I was first introduced to the basketball where some players were running behind a ball to put in a basket, and lots of other students were appreciating them but I was obsessed that all the payers were girls, which didn’t take

So, I played at the state level and represented Indore, and I am the only player from my school who played at the state championship.

I almost became the special attraction for everyone like among my friends, among boys and teachers also.

Some of the boys found the reason to talk to me by congratulating me for my success but I didn’t have any problem with this; sometimes I also like this so overall my 8th standard is on my name.

When we entered into the next standard, class IX, this changed some paradigms of class.

Some new students took admission in our school, out of which 5

students were allotted in our section and out of them 3 were boys and 2 were girls.

When those 5 students were standing in front of the class, our class teacher, Rajeev sir, introduced everyone.

I noticed only 2 students and was waiting for their number for introduction.

Sir said, “He is Akhil Raghav, ranker at St. Peters, and now he took admission in our school”. I was thinking “Can smart boys be topper?” First time, I saw a topper who was smart too. He was good. I was like OK now the studies will become more interesting. I think all girls were likely to be thinking the same what I had; may be or may not be but as far as I know my friends must have the same thought.

Then sir introduced Komal Varshney, the national player of basketball. It is like a punch someone gave to me when I was daydreaming in the discussion of thinking of girls regarding the smart boys.

Sir continued, “She played 2 times State Championship and was runner up at the nationals; she is from Delhi”.

I think I got a new competition; everyone was seeing Komal like foolish monkeys, their eyes just got stuck at her achievements and her face.

She was tall, fit and got the perfect body for the basketball and such an attitude while standing, I said to myself, “Poorvi, you have to maintain your decorum”.

Then, our continuous classes started. I noticed one thing Komal was as good in studies as she was in basketball; she answered all the questions which had been asked by teachers.

I somehow start feeling jealous with her; the tag of special attraction was taken away by Komal; I actually did not realize how the parameters got changed suddenly.

When our games period was started, she also showed her skills, especially boys started learning the skills and technique from Komal, and as she was a national player, it was easy for her to teach anyone.

On the very next day, she sat on my desk as she didn’t get the seat in the first row.

She said, “I get to know you are a state player of basketball”. “Nice to meet you, I tried so many times to talk to you, but I didn’t get the chance”.

She continues, “I don’t know much everyone here, so would you like to be my friend”.

I never think that my biggest competitor will asked me for friendship.

I quickly replied, “Why not?”

Then a new era of our friendship has started I helped her in introducing to the class and she helped in improving my basketball skills.

I never think that her nature is so humble and polite that she will become my bestie.

One day, she said, “Now I am going to introduce you with a new student”.

She continues, “May be you know his name”.

Then she took me to the college canteen, where Akhil was standing and drinking cold drink.

She said, “Akhil is my old school friend, we know each other since fifth standard and luckily we took admission in same school”.

Akhil said, “Oh Hi Poorvi”.

We shook hands then I replied, “Hi, how are you?” in a normal way to start the convo.

He replied the same what I wanted.

Then we discussed some normal things and soon went into the class.

Me and Komal become true friends or may be ideal besties too; we started sharing secrets and other things too.

The time came up for our open selection of basketball aspirants who will get the training at junior NBA (National basketball association); the trials would be going to be held after a week.

We started practicing for it; we were so excited for it that we almost spent our whole school time at court and went late night at home.

We gave the trials and gave our 100%. The competition was huge but as we had worked hard so somehow we had a hope that we will be selected.

From our school, 35 girls gave the trials and out of them only me and Komal were selected, we knew that our hard work would show our results.

But when we told our parents about this selection, within a second, both of our parents refused to go to London; we convinced them a lot but they said, “NO!”

We could never understand why our parents didn’t allow us to follow our dreams, is it because we are girls, we cried and were hurt deeply from inside.

We never understood the mentality of Indian society, and the only way to become successful was to study hard for everyone, doesn’t matter if she had interested in it or not, but they always said, “Do it, you have only single option”.

Then, we quit about growing in basketball and started preparing for boards. The classes seem like a big cage, and everyday had the same boring life.

Our mind may be at the books but our hearts at NBA.

After 3 years

“A lot of things have changed” – these were the words of Akhil, when we three were sitting at the college ground and remembering our school memories, where Komal got the crown of Miss Farewell.

I performed a dance at the stage. Akhil said, “You both were looking very gorgeous at the farewell”.

We replied, “We know but you are not looking good”, and I gave a high five to Komal.

I said, “Oh! We can never get back to those days, that days were priceless”.

A thing was realized that why people often say that school time is the best part of the life, so live it unconditionally.

Now Komal and I took admission in the bachelor of commerce (B. Com.) and Akhil took admission in B. Tech. at same university.

We casually play basketball at inter-faculty competitions and college level; we just want to attach with the basketball.

Actually basketball is not only a game; it is a feeling for us.

Same with the lot of memories when we completed the first year in college then our second year came where the burden of studies was less and we could enjoy more.

23­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­rd of October, it is the birthday of Akhil; he invited all his friends at the birthday party at night at around 7 o’ clock.

I got ready in my favorite dress and Komal too. We went to Akhil’s home, where he was busy in planning and maintaining the party room; he invited us an hour before the party to help him for the party decoration and to serve the snacks as he knew our choice in decoration is good.

As the party started, we enjoyed a lot and ate tasty snacks and did party for more than 3 hours.

When the party was over, everyone was leaving the house and wishing Akhil best for his future.

He said to us, “Can you guys go after 10 minutes?”

We replied, “Yes, sure!”.

After 10 minutes something happened which I never realized that this moment will come in my life so early.

Akhil bent down on his knees and proposed me.

After a 2-minute silence, I saw toward the face of Komal, she nodded and I replied to Akhil, “Yes!”

Then we were about to leave the house, and Akhil said, “It’s midnight. I think you guys can come with me. I’ll drop to your home”.

We went in the Akhil’s car.

We reached at the next turn of my home street where Komal’s house was straight from there.

So I opened the door of the car and moved toward my home, and I wished Akhil best for his future.

Komal said, “Let’s meet tomorrow at class”.

I replied, “OK!”

I moved toward my home and suddenly a very harsh sound of accident came from my back when I looked back, it’s like everything is blank for me.

A truck hit Akhil’s car very ghastly; the sound is so loud that many people came near the car to rescue the people inside the car, when they lifted out Akhil and Komal, they found them dead.

My most important persons of my life was in my hand, and it was so shocking that my eyes were unable to believe what I was seeing is real … are they really gone?

At that time, I cried so much that I never did in my life ever before.

My parents, Akhil’s parents and Komal’s parents arrived at the accident point; the pain in their hearts is like no one ever can realize.

After 2 days

Komal’s cousin brother arrived at my house where I locked myself in the room, obsessed in Akhil and Komal accident.

He gave me a basketball with a letter.

He told me, “Di had written a letter for you; she wanted to give you on 24th Oct” and he left.

I opened it with heavy eyelids and shivering hand.

The letter is stated as “On 24th October we first met at the 9th standard so today is the most important day of our friendship, Happy Friendship Day, I am giving you a gift which unites us basketball”.

The letter is alive but my friend is not I cried the whole day.

After 7 years

I went to depression at that time, I remain in my fantasy world,I started seeing Komal and akhil in front of me like they are calling me to play basketball going out for street food, I sometimes goes there and my parents many times told me that “there is no Komal and Akhil with whom you play basketball, please Poorvi see the reality they were dead”

After a year of Proper treatment I went out with my depression, but how you will fade your memories, it will always click in your mind settle down there and pause you realizing the fact what if they come back.

Over some years,I got married with an engineer who worked in a MNC.

I have a baby girl I choose her name Komal who will always remind me of my best friend.

Today is her 1st birthday, and I gifted her basketball that was gifted to me by my best friend, Komal.

The way she saw the ball as she didn’t want to see anything else; I think Komal took a rebirth as my daughter on that moment, I decided that I will make Komal a basketball champion, it was my dream as well as my best friend’s too.

I got married to Rohan (my husband) but in one condition that he will take care of Akhil’s parents like a son, and he will complete his promise; he is helping Akhil’s parents like a son.

I can never forget Akhil and Komal in my life their contribution in my life their memories always keeps me alive, their soul is so pure that gives me the motivation that I will train the girls at basketball academy so that every girl can achieve her dream.

I usually see Komal and Akhil in front of me playing basketball gossiping, laughing as we usually did in college. I always had them in my imagination.

So for me the gift is seeing Komal raising and learning basketball.

In our life, the gift is not always the thing like teddy bear, watches. Sometimes the gift can be a care for you by your loving person, so try to give the gift of love and care to others everyday who know your small steps can bring a huge change in your life and others too.



                                                                                     The End








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