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The girl… A fighter….

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Once there lived a girl in a small town

She losts her father when she was 10…At a very young age she started taking care of his family Along with her mother….The girl was full of dreams in her eyes but due to her family responsibility she never got time for herself….. when girls of her agw was making boyfriend she was struggling…….However forgetting every bad moments of her life she started focusing towards her future…Along with her family responsibilities she worked hard make her future everyone in her family wanted her to get married but she wanted to complete her dreams…She never told anyone that what was her dream….One day She sat with her mother & told her that she had filled the army form & she was called for the interview…

Her mother asked her what’s the need of joining an army…you don’t need thos type of job…. Everyone in her family rebelled her about this but she told everyone that once his father told her that he wanted to see her in army uniform…. After that she went to interview & got selected…She never fall in love with someone but she was always attached to one of his classmate with whom she never talked & now she got married with him…She always used to wrote diaries….everything was going normal… when she was in her army Kent her army doctors came to her & told her that she is going to be the mother..she was very happy & was going to take holiday…when one of his junior came & told her that Terrorist are preparing to attack them…. Forgetting about herself she decided to fight for her country…..she gave her diary to one of his sholdis & told that if something happened to her gave this diary to her housban….Fighting against terrorist she got gunshot..

She was struggling with her life & after killing 2 terrorist she died…her last wish was that her diary should be read by his housband in which she beautifully mentioned that being aa girl doesn’t mean you can’t complete your dreams…..

  • She wrote that how she fell first time about being a mother….but she also wrote that for her….the country was her first love very first….& if something happened to her she wants her body to be wrapped in her country’s flag…..& it was her last wish……She was proud to be a fighter….


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