//The Last Quarrel

The Last Quarrel

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On a sudden Sunday evening, you ended up at my place. I thought I would throw my tantrums and rage at you. But could not. You were looking so exhausted and sad. I intended to take your sorrow into the core of my heart. But I could not. I was so annoyed with you. You never looked at my pains, my troubles and my tears. But still I cared for you a lot. By maintaining a long distance, we exchanged words for a long time. I could feel all your words. You were sorry for your wrong doings and I was fed up with your ill behaviour. But still, I allowed you to continue for a long time. We were cherishing our old , bright days, we were relaxing with thoughful burden inside our hearts. Both of us felt like embracing each other. But our sour relationship could not allow that. Your beloved pleadings made me burst into tears but not into forgiveness. I could comprehend that you were regretful, but it was a joke no more. Enough of all those. A puppet also never faces such random movements and toil and turmoil. And I am a human being. A relationship is based on trust, strong and compatible emotions and love. Its not a game. 

Since, it was midnight. I did not allow you to return. But the next morning’s news shocked me, changed me, terrified me. Everyone on the ground floor gathered and a loud gossip was heard. I was a bit worried and was wondering about the reason. I had to keep you at my room because, I could not stop myself from going down. I hurridly went downstairs and somehow reached that spot. The visual shock in front of me was so frightening that it was difficult to explain. Infact, people would refuse to believe in my words. 

                    I saw your body.  No live, no breathing, no sense. You were lying down with full of emotional loss and pain on your face. You were lying down with full of regret, which was evident from the ‘sorry cards’. You were lying down with full of unsaid words on your lips. I was shocked. Then who spent the entire night with me ? For an hour, I sat in front of your body, but when the police and the ambulence came, I had to go inside my room. When I came back, I bursted out into tears. I wish, I could love you more. I wish, I could touch you more. I wish, I could feel you more. But everything ended within such a short span of time. No one was there to console me, to comfort me. I was so alone. I was guilty, I was so full of regret. I wish I could drop that last quarrel. 

When I was going through our pictures, videos and gifts, I could hear a gentle whisper. ” I still love you a lot. Take care Cheri “. My whole body was still with goosebumps and wished, I could give him saccharine embracement. 


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  2. Sharmistha Dey February 17, 2020 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Please give a reading to my story ‘ The Last Quarrel ‘ and let me know how is it ?

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    nice one


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