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“Wooooofff”, Casper let out his happy bark. Ronnie smiled at him, “Yes, it is snack time”. They sat down below the purple redbud tree, the most beautiful tree in the forest, which Ronnie’s dad had planted for him when he was just four years old. Now it stands tall and majestic with its large heart-shaped purple-red leaves that turn gold in autumn. He passed on Casper the treats and bit into his chocolate chip cookie. This was his favorite time of the year when he came to the woods to live with his dad.

Ronnie had many friends, neither at school nor here at woods. He just couldn’t keep up with them, they were too fast for him. His crutch did not allow him to run or even walk fast. However, he was very attached to both his companions, the tree and Casper. With the redbud, he never had to keep up, it was still, silent and always happy to have him and for Casper, he always lingered around and they played fetch sometimes. He could tell them all he wanted with no fear of anyone letting out his secrets.

Every night after dinner, once Ronnie’s father was done with cleaning up and doing the dishes, he would come down to his room, tuck him in the warm bed and tell him all about his day, the woods, the forest God who protects all of them, the redbud tree and how much he missed him while he was away. However, that night was different. His father rushed into the room looking exhausted. He took Rooni’s hand in his and looked straight in his eyes, “You have to be strong, my dear. The forest is on fire. It’s spreading fast and wide. I have to go and see them outside but you must stay here safe.” Roonie’s heart sank; his friend, his playmate, the redbud tree was back in the forest, and there was nothing he could do to help it.

He couldn’t sleep all night, tears streaming down his eyes, he clasped his hands and prayed to the forest God. Roonie did not get up, the next day. Now all his hope laid on the forest God, who, like his father always says, loves and protects them all. He will save his tree friend, no matter what.

Just before the evening, the sky was dark and flashes of lightning tore it apart. A drop, two and it was raining. The forest God answered his prayers. As he stepped outside his cottage, his father smiled at him “your prayers have been answered, they say it will stop the fire” he shouted enthusiastically.

After two days of constant downpour, the rain stopped early morning. Roonie had to go back to the forest and check on the tree as soon as possible. His father offered to come along. As they went deeper into the woods and closer to the stream, the destruction became clearer. The lush green has turned into a stack of black charcoal.

The first sight of their Redbud tree was heartbreaking. All its purple leaves were gone. It was dark, burnt and hurt. Suddenly Ronnie felt his blood rushing up his face. He was angry and in pain at the same time. His prayer remained unheard. He lost his precious friend. He hugged his father and cried like a baby. They went closer to the tree, and as they reached the base, Casper barked. Both looked at him. There was a small fresh green leaf that was trying to push itself out of the trunk at the ray of Sun.  Roonie’s heart skipped a beat. “ Even after so much pain, suffering and destruction, life always finds its way back, hope prevails during the darkest of times, son”, Ronnie’s father said wrapping him around in his arm and smiling warmly.


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