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The one that stole my heart

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It was on the 21st of October,  that I started to ponder,  if love had anything more to offer.  I sat in the lobby of the hospital waiting for information, that my mother was in good condition. I said to myself,

“O’mother, O’mother, O’mother of mine,

I wish to cease time a little more while ,

Just to see you smile one more time ”

I sat down quietly in the corner of the room, and waited patiently for the good news from the other room .the doctor came by , and she held my hand so tight,  I forgot my pain that night , cause she knew everything was going to be alright.

I saw my mother 3 days later , attached to a ventilator, breathing harder than ever . I held my hands and prayed to the divine , to please give her another chance just to be mine .

“Save my mother,

She is just one .

I can’t imagine,

What I’d become.

Without her love and affection,

I’d never overcome. ”

She has a charm that I dare not forget , for all it started 21 years ago, I knew it was all I ever wanted.

There is a quest in my heart, and I knew that I’d find all my answers in your treasured chest.

Days passed,

Years rolled,

I have pain that I cannot withhold.

Alas, it’s you everyday that believes in me more than I do .

You lost your memory,

Stability in your body,

But your strength still matches to nobody.

I don’t know what the future may hold,  I hope your their with me on every fold .it’s Been 2 years since it all started , I really hope your soul still stays this kind hearted.

You shined for those who need light,

Cried for those who are scared to fight and

Fought for those who taught they’d lose for dynamites .

I know you have scars ,

That reminds you of the past.

To all the mothers out there known or unknown, thank you for giving us lives that we thought we could never own, thank you for forgiving us at times when we thought the world was running by us alone.




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