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The one with golden heart

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This story..is something which is close to my heart of my close friend.so ..please keep your hands on your heart and read along..

There is one of my friend who was soo good at heart that even the god is not blessed with.she is so good at nature that she’s always ready to help people no matter what the circumstances and situations are.she is so kindhearted,selfless,positive thinker that no others can be.she is so good soul  that i’ve never seen .But there’s a say that “if we  give a thought of something  ,the god  decide the other in converse”.so,there was a guy  who was angry  with her  due to  lots of misunderstandings and rumours.he  unknowingly tortured her,mentally teased her,bullied her with his friends  crossing every limit .but ,she left them without uttering a word.she never scolded or  said something against those persons instead,she tried to clear the misunderstandings by a friendly talk .They were so horrible that they didnt even listen to her.They were on their own thoughts and tortured her in such a way that she slipped into depression.she was  so soulful with whatever the things she do.she always wants to do the things which are meaningful,but her  family wouldnt like her nature due to the society now a days .But she always trusted her instincts and followed her heart.Though she never openly share her opinions ,she used to do all the things she wanted to without  letting anyothers know and she is always happy and fulfilled with the work she do.Though there is no change with the depression she’d been suffered ,she never bothered of it .she instead  concentrated on the things which she really want to do in her future.She always used appear with the zealand fire to do something  purposeful and meaningful.I’d learnt manythings from her which are necessary for this modern youth children who dont have people to inculcate what is right and what is wrong.never the late ..one fine day,i asked her that why she was bearing so much of pain that she can’t.then  she replied that one fine day he will be the good friend of hers.I and my friends trashed her statement out and tried to be with her.However,she cameout of depression after  two years and somehow led her life happily and we left the topic there.One fine day,she came to me happily ,shouting that the person who tortured her texted her .she told that he mentioned that he realised his mistake and said sorry which we didnot expect at all.The words that she’d told 2years back  came true on the particular day .I asked her that how did she be so sure that he will say sorry someday and she replied that forgiving someone and giving them time is the most important thing a person has to do ..so,that the person will someday surely realise his/her mistake.Her story reminded me of my grandmother words and  taught something that which is needed for everyone in this modern society.

  “Forgiving nature is the best  nature a human should have”


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