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The revive point of life

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  • Tic tic tic……. The sound only heard by the one who wants to terribly wake up but not able to. The time doesn’t stop for anyone! The time is a positivity perception that only runs forward, you can’t replay it unless in the memory. Myself shiyana , the one who is always working, yes I am workaholic. But what to do my energy doesn’t drain until I do that work. How I became like this from an lazy engineer is revealed from reading my story. I am a well educated programmer who works for freelancing clients. My work location was at various destinations including my home. I build web pages, social media marketing etc., according to my clients need. I have worked as a programmer in a reputed company for two years after my graduation. I left that job because I don’t know anything about that job and programming. Life was playing different games with different people. I studied engineering without any passion or knowledge in it. I literally studied only the theories and not had any practical hands on experience. The gates of opportunities were wide open when I was studying, the only thing is I don’t know them or I couldn’t afford them. Moreover I didn’t pay any attention to any of them. The mistake wasn’t either mine or the system. The mistake was in the people’s belief !. Belief the very word was the reason for both positive and negative things happening around us. I realized that I was surrounded by negative thinking people around me. Not all of them but majority of them are like that. They are visualizing me in the surrounding of a very bad society. Actually they are supposed to be like that, but they are fed by those thoughts, which are not supposed to be fed. Then I decided to get out of that surrounding mentally. Physical surrounding won’t affect us when we are mentally strong. We want to align our physical and mental mind by any means. When we do that our mind captures things correctly what we aim at. I personally struggled after left my job and on the way on finding my passion. It was terrible I swear. But those were worth after reaching our destination. I tired to be many of the fancy works the world shows us that they were very easy. Trust me anything at the beginning is not easy. You may thought why every successful people defined success as bundled failures! reason is they want to tell the effect of beginning. “Beginning” the most costly word in dictionary of any successful people,because it paved them the way for their success. Saying that I going to start this or do that won’t begin the work. The real beginning requires action !. Action is more powerful energetic word when you are actually understands it. After rendering hands onto various interesting jobs, I realized that any work needs knowledge that have to be gained with full attention. There came the super hero of knowledge gainer called self education. Self education is more powerful because you want to involve yourself into learning, you want listen to the videos, you want to read and understand the essays, you want pay attention to the ideas and want to implement them yourself. You can’t escape from doing things in this, which makes it very special education. Spend some of your assets into that you won’t regret it. You can also do this in your school education as well or you may also dropout from your schools and continue this as your main stream of education unless you are very confident about yourself, you can do this. Then you can find your passion and begin to do it as a money making factor. The important fact is, in this you can work happily by your will and you can put your own rules. You are not going to fed up in this process of work because you are loving your work.

This may not be only in this track that is left your job — get self education – – again work for money.
It may also be choosing to do a social service or be in home and do house chores or marrying your love which you sacrificed for your job or starting your own business or simply “doing what you love”.
By crying all day and night you become out of tears when you reach the perfect time. Yes perfect timing ! Everyone’s  life changes at a perfect timing. Mine too at the moment when it strikes me to leave by job. It was very hurting situation and very hard decision but it worth my happiness.

The most important point you want to remember when you are taking a hard decision is not to look back or remembering how you get there or what you are losing in this. If it cost your happiness it won’t worth it, you can easily reject it. Either it is a job or it is a person make happiness as your first priority among them. My life has my own rules, you won’t need to follow mine. You are free to write your own story, so be sure that when you read it, it makes you feel happy again for doing that on that time.


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