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The Sail for Tomorrow

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Pratyush was typing on his keyboard with some horrific speed in an eager earnest to complete his office project when Rihan came in with a few colourful A4 papers and asked him in a childish lisp “Pappa let’s make some paper boats.” Without the incessant rain since the last three days had come to a halt and meagre sun rays penetrated through the clouds and flooded the late afternoon study table of Pratyush. MNC life let little opportunities for this guy to have time for his three-year-old curious child and with a quick scold he sent Rihan away. The idea of getting recommended from his company to do MBA from an elite B-school of the nation tempted him more so because now he was a single father. He had the pressure of doing well in these and few upcoming projects to secure an eye catchy position from his MD at work place.

Pratyush had a tough childhood of losing his mother to cancer at infancy and his workaholic and indulgent father though was a successful businessman but failed miserably in his family bonds. Pratyush suffered the terrible lack of love and affection but eventually the approach of Arpita in his college days had put some solace to his aching soul. Was it ill fate or ignorance that Pratyush did not figure out the reason how foolishly he was blind in love that he could never fathom the malicious thrust of ambition Arpita had within her due to which she left Pratyush and Rihan and eloped with Pratyush’s millionaire friend Surya. Such an act made him crestfallen to the presence of good in existence. He geared the strength to live strong only seeing the infant face of his child. Both of them were best friends now. He promised himself the day Arpita left them that he will bring all the happiness of the world for his son and raise him to be a righteous man of tomorrow. Rihan won’t ever feel the lack of love and warmth of parenthood like he did. Pratyush knew well that “Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.”
The trance of his thoughts were broken when vociferousness outside the green window gave him a sudden instigation to join his son outdoors.

The water logged streets before his house made him remember his yester years when he and Surya happily sailed away their paper boats in frivolous competition with whose boat being the first one. Pratyush noticed how the little child had messed up with his papers in a novice attempt to make some paper boats and the child’s co-mates of the locality were making fun of him. Pratyush went inside and got some old newspapers. He approached bare footed closer to his crying son and wiped his son’s tears and taught him in a simple style of preciseness to make paper boats. He made two and sailed it on the dark still waters of the streets. Rihan leaped in joy and hugged his father. Pratyush said with a coaxing parenting smile “Rihu make one by yourself dear”. With an eager attempt Rihan made his first paper boat and let it slowly sail into the waters hoping to win. Soon it gained some momentum as Pratyush pushed the waters ahead and let the child smile heartily. The smile that gave the single parent a marvelous contentment. A joyous Pratyush murmured to himself “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” ‘The sail for tomorrow’ had begun.


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