The Selfish Man

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This story comprises two characters- a tree and a little kid, Saransh. They were quite friendly
to each other in the sense that most of the time that kid used to play in the shade of the huge
tree. As the time passed, the boy reached the tender age of five. One fine day, he was sitting,
leaning against the trunk of that tree and was crying out of hunger. Meanwhile, he heard a
voice saying to him, “ Eat my fruits and satisfy your hunger, my boy.”
At first, Saransh was frightened as to how a non-living entity can interact through speaking.
He could not resist himself but crying, “Who is there?”
Do not be scared. I am the tree itself. Do as I say. Eat my fruits and satiate your hunger.
He could not believe his ears as to whatever was happening around him, was for real. After
some time, the boy felt relaxed and then, he did so and returned home gladly.
Life went on with its pace and with the passage of time, the boy grew up to be a young man.
Now, he had to earn for his livelihood. His father gave him the liberty to choose any
profession of his liking. He decided to opt for the profession of sailing. One unfortunate day,
his captain, a cruel fellow, bade him goodbye giving him the termination letter. As he was
fired without even his fault, he could not think of anything and was blackout completely. He
felt cheated, so for the peace of mind, he went to the tree seeking solace in its arms and for
solution as well. He was not disappointed at all when the tree came to the forefront and
provided him the solution, saying “Cut down my branches and make a small boat for your
own. You start saving and gradually you will own a ship and that way your wish would be
fulfilled as well as you will have a secure future.”
He did that but he could not manage the entire business and failed miserably in that. His
condition grew pitiable. Somehow, he lifted himself by setting up a small business. Still, his
financial condition was not upto the mark. His parents wanted him to marry and settle in life
but he had his reasons for not agreeing to them as he had not a house of his own. Again, that
tree came to rescue him and said, “I am here for the benefit of others. Cut down my trunk and
build a house of your own. And always remember me in your need.” Saransh thanked and
built his house beside the tree itself. He married the girl of his parents’ choice and lived
Everything went normal till his business collapsed because of the hefty amount of loan, he
had taken from the bank and could not repay it in time. In the cruel hands of time, Saransh
was transformed from a little kid to a helpless and malnourished old man. On one winter’s
night when he was feeling extremely cold, he went to the tree, who did not disappoint him (as
usual) and offered saying, “Create a bonfire out of my remains and get to feel the warmth you
direly need this moment.” The man did not take a moment in doing so and that way he got rid
of shivering cold. That night onwards, the tree was no more to offer anything further.


                Human desire is endless.


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