The Strongest Girl

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She never got to dance
She never got to kiss
To tell about herself,she never got a chance
Never felt love’s bliss

She never used to talk
She couldn’t ever smile
She never got out for a walk
Or go down the church’s aisle

She couldn’t ever apply makeup to her face
Buy dresses she wants to wear
Or give herself an elegant embrace
Never got enough love and care

She couldn’t clasp her hands
There were only invocations in her mind
There were things she couldn’t understand
At heart she was always kind

She never showed her fears
She never made you hear her cries
Or showed the tears
That fell down from her eyes

She never looked for pity
What if she’s paralysed!
Or demanded for sympathy
And for her a wheelchair is authorised

Her courage is the real key
She’s the strongest person according to me

~ Aishwarya Iyer


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