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The Unforgettable Man

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Long ago a man walked up to me,
He had something that he wanted me to see.
Took me back to the time when the war had just begun,
Giving an end to his teenage-life fun.
His story could actually be seen in his eyes,
Told me about the days of laughters and cries.
He started the tale with a quote of gallantry,
How hardihood are soldiers’ entry.
When 110000 men walked through the gate,
We bravely accepted whatever was in our fate.
The camp was thronged
And we knew our stay there would be long.
The floor was hard and the nights were cold,
Young men grew malnourished and old.
Every day I said the same invocation,
I was even ready to sacrifice my life for my nation.
After all these years I never forgot that man’s face or what he did for me,
My only regret, I didn’t get to thank him when I got up from bended knee.
Now he’s standing in front of me shaking my hand
“So thank you sir, because you were that man and take here’s your bravery band.”

~Aishwarya Iyer


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