//This Miracle called Life

This Miracle called Life

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In the year of 2004, my class X results was pending. I was nervous and scared. My maternal uncle informed me that I had received compartmental in Math. Math was my personal ghost. I was broken and felt my world has come to an end.  For the next three months I took tuition and sacrificed a normal teenage life unwillingly to the expectations and dreams of other people. In August 2004 I took the exam and succeeded with exact passing marks. My family moved to another city for my high school education. I did not lose a year over this failure because it all happened within three months. I finally was taken in by a good school in my new hometown. From 2004-2006 I had worked hard like anything. Soon I developed a relationship with God, with a crystal Shiva Linga to talk to regarding my worries, issues, problems, happiness, joy etc. I shared everything and whispered all my wishes to Him. I started addressing him as Baba meaning ‘Father’. In my board exams, I came second in my stream. My curiosity deepened. If just through a relationship I can be so happy then what can I achieve if I knew Him better. In 2006 in law school around the year 2007-2008 I went to attend a meditation camp in a hill station & was left astonished to my core. The next 8 days was such a revelation and an enthralling experience. I saw my past life. Like a movie trailer it played before my eyes. It explained why I was so afraid of heights. The fear ran away. I released the trauma and closed that door and what a beautiful experience it was. Every bone, nerve and muscle of my body felt lightning bolts of thunder passing through them in symphony. I came back a different person. Since then I have attended various spiritual gatherings, camps and listened to leaders, followed them devoid of any religion, cultural or community barriers. Failures and hurdles are part of life. Just because I had a spiritual epiphany doesn’t mean that all my problems ceased to exist in future. I faced troubles again after I completed my post graduation regarding work, ran a failed start up and met many idiotic men while on the process of having an arranged marriage! The purpose of this little story is three fold. It is very important to have a relationship with God. Make Him your friend, father, or a child. Will your life become smooth? No, but it will definitely become much easy. It will give you strength in bad times and make you humble in good times. Secondly, its during testing times when people who really care for you stand by you, like my parents stood by me along with my Grandfather and a few other family members. A true well wisher is by your side despite of your success and failure. And lastly, what seems to be difficult and end of the world now will seem nothing after few years. I feel bad for the girl in me who gave up watching Harry Potter movies so that she could score good marks. No one ever asked again ‘What’s your score in Class X ? ’. That does not mean that I was careless and insincere in my studies. It is just that I tried, failed and it was okay. Today I am a happy, successful and a wonderful human being. Everyone is welcome to join this league. Your ‘Life’ is your miracle which seems difficult but yet it happens. So make it happen beautifully!


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I am a Legal Professional & a Mediator for job, a Counselor the love of helping people, a Reiki Level I Practitioner in for my spiritual love, Author and Poet and a Dreamer for the love of Life!

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