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To the best friend whom I lost

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The day started with my exam. Well, it was not a good start at all. But then I had to move on. A guy over Instagram was irritating me and stating himself genius and bragging about it. I was feeling very low that day so yes, I decided to meet my best friend. And coincidentally his exam finished earlier and he came. I couldn’t control my anger and bursted over him. And then those tears were like cherries on the cake. That situation proved him to be more than best friend. The way he consoled me. The way he tried to make me laugh by his stupid jokes. He tried everything. Lastly, I stopped crying and started talking to him as he said, “he would leave me and would never talk to me.” The thought of losing him again scared me and I tried to balance myself. I never said but now I want to say from that day my love and respect for you has increased. I just want us back, our stupid jokes, our morning walks, those stupid texts which I read now, teasing you by saying ‘bhaiya’, that surprise on our very first meet. And I am not writing this just because I want to write. I am pouring my heart out.
You were always there when I became weak, the time when I was not selected in xaviers but in loreto. You did everything possible to make me smile. I always had you, I always had your back. Those practise sessions during walk for loreto’s interview. I miss you, I miss us, I miss the bond which we shared.  But that bond is not the same anymore. When some third person is responsible for our loss of friendship, it is really heartbreaking. And the worst part is we cannot be the same. I am just comparing our bond, from the day when we had to discuss our each and every talk. We used to know what is happening in our life. But now, we don’t know anything. We don’t even respond to texts. It seems like we are just acquaintance. He is doing really great in his life, moving forward and gaining success, but I don’t know how he did and same goes for him. Even he don’t know anything what’s going on in my life. Now, we get to know through status updates that what’s the progress in each other’s life. How time flies and how friendship took a new turn. But, this incident taught both of us that life doesn’t stop for anyone. It goes on and we have to move with it. Initially, it was tough for us to stop talking just by the thought of it. But by time, we adapted to it and cannot believe that we got so busy in our life, we don’t even talk and it’s all fine. This incident made us strong and gave us life long lesson. We only used to listen that life goes on and time gives strength to fight the situations. But we never believed it and thought attachments cannot be broken. But no, time is the supreme authority and it tends us to act the way it wants us to. Now, we are just acquaintances and moving with the flow.


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