//Tragedy is always funny

Tragedy is always funny

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It was Valentine’s Day and I dressed up in pink and looked the best. I was looking forward to give roses to the cute guy I had a crush on. As I left from my place a lady drenched me by throwing a bucket of water. It had the dirt of the entire apartment building and I scrubbed myself clean and ran out of shampoo and ended up spraying a room-freshener on myself instead of a deodorant.

I didn’t let this setback get to me and ran towards the cab. I asked the driver what his plans were and he said , ” I would find the most beautiful girl today and drop her home”. As long as she doesn’t call me brother I would consider it a good day. We all chuckled in the cab at his optimism and simplicity.

As soon as I reached office I ordered his favorite chocolate and told my friends to give him that chocolate and had booked a rose on a special hotline within the company.

The whole day went by and he couldn’t figure out who gave him 1 rose and his brand of chocolates. And I wish to keep it that way. I feel like not meeting in person was a part of maintaining the curiosity . I was somehow comfortable by the fact that I was a one-sided lover and who didn’t want to be found.

I somehow doubted myself more than him and how falling for the wrong guys had scarred me from taking more rational decisions. I was somehow so hurt by making the wrong decisions that I was scared to make the right decision too.

Finally, it was the New Year Party everyone was waiting for and saved their appetite for booze and food for. The company I worked in had a history of throwing the most lavish parties in the history of throwing parties. I made up my mind to dance with my crush and to never look back from there. I finally gathered enough courage to join in the group dance. Thank god for cab-mates I was blabbering to myself, as I entered this unknown group of people. As Karan (cab-mate) introduced me to Adi I kept my cool and shook hands. I kept answering funny things to Adi and told I was too drunk to be my boring self and it made everyone laugh. We danced all night and turned out that Adi was shifting in the building beside my house and had shifted everything the previous day. I finally said if we could meet up over something sober and he agreed.

I ended up cooking for two people and would give him some homely food and play video games at his house.We became close friends and thought it was a better idea to stay friends and would hit on each other when we weren’t sober. It was friendly flirting and I told my psychiatrist recommended it for keeping brain diseases away.

This friendship was beyond my expectations and was the best thing I ever have in my life.


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