//True struggle of an Indian girl

True struggle of an Indian girl

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It was a day of Diwali in india when all around the nation so many lighting and enjoyment was going on. That day a girl was born in such a home where she has no respect,no value,no love because in that home from the last three generation no boy baby was born. At birth time,she was entitled as a stone. As this was the day of Diwali when all around people were worshipping goddess laxmi while in that house people were weeping on seeing the birth of a girl like goddess Laxmi.
Some were saying,”why not you through this outside at night while other saying, “don’t give mi lk to her and she will automatically die one day.
“The home where all were enjoying the day of Diwali suddenly stop all events seeing the birth of baby girl child.The days were going on and the girl was growing old and she started to think about her value. She was sent to a government village school where she had no resources for growth. One day The girl said to her parents,”All my friends are going in private school then why not me.The reply came from the elder,” tujhe konsa pdkr colloctor bnnnna h ,Krna tau ghar ka kaam hi h,Ek dau pdlena name pdna aajaaye bs,,kya kregi jyada pdkr.” The girl decided when she was in fifth class that she will do such a work in study that she will be a symbol of nation and not of a house wife only. The day after day the girl named Monu started doing more struggle in life and brought best results in all classes. Every time she got first rank in class.The school teachers helped her giving scholarship also. Now after schooling the family protested to send her in city for higher studies but luckily she got help from one professor who convinced her family to send her for master degree. The struggle never stop here and she first finished all home work and then have to go to college. After college again have to do all house work daily. But she never stopped her study despite family and neighbours protect. When any rebuked her she never spoken a single word to any and always wept going inside the home in front of God lord Hanuman’s picture saying,” Please help me God in this struggle because only you are with me.” The things going on and the day came when she completed her college education. Now a burdon of sorrow brusted on her when family denied to give any money for going to prepare competitive exams. She went away after protect and started doing work in coachings and schools but continued her study. She got The first selection in CISF but not joined and thought I want to be more powerful.But unluckily the death of her brother totally broken her and she stopped study for six months. She could not give her PCS interview also and that time first she thought ,”I should quit from this world”But no a moment came in life and she met some best professor who guided her for further study. Again she started study and cleared more than 25 government service exam and also brought prize from foreign also. She got job in foreign as well as in india. The title ,” A stone has came in home” give to her at her birth time was now changed as a powerful and structure full girl. The neighbouring persons started to come at her home for giving congratulations to her parents. She has no brother but all sisters, however now the parents and neighbours don’t saying girls should be thrown outside after birth but giving example of that girl that ” beti ho tau ksi,,Monu pyaari jsi.” She started work in home ministry but struggle here not stopped because now the target is that how can she be as the most educated girl in india so that the name of our nation can be shine on the world platform. The day most come when she shine on the nation platform. The true struggle of this Indian girl remain continue till the end of life. Her view is that.
” Struggle is life,and Life without struggle is dead”.


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Myself Dr Saroj working in ministry of Home affairs rajbhasha vibhag also gold medalist, silver medalist and RTI activist and social worker

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