Try until you succeed

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Untold story 
Once upon a time there was a beautiful village nestled in the lap of beautiful Mother Nature. All the dwellers of that village had beautiful houses. The land never betrayed them; it was blessing them with an abundance of different crops and fruits which enabled them to live a happy and luxurious life. Yet a poor man lived amidst the richest persons. He used to beg to get his daily food. Therefore, the poor man’s food always depended on the mercy of generous people. Though the poor man was economically poor, he was intellectually and physically very strong. He was not getting any support and help from others due to the low caste to which he belonged. People considered him as an untouchable. He was called by all the villagers ‘unlucky Kubera’ (who, in Hindu mythology is rich person who lent money to Lord Vishnu). Whenever he wished and willed to do something better to live a dignified life, the people around him constantly mocked him reminding him that he was ‘unlucky Kubera’. Added to his bad luck was a piece of land he owned but in which nothing could be grown. Sadly, that land was always barren. He was, quite literally, a man of failure.

While everything and everyone seemed to fail him, he held on to his hope and will power. One fine day he firmly decided to either do something with his life or to end it. Determined, he began to plough the land leading to it being softened. He then started cultivating different crops on the piece of land which he had. He took care of the cultivation of his land with maternal care and paternal hard work. Unfortunately, he failed without achieving anything. So, for a few days he was in deep depression. Nonetheless, once again, with renewed vigor and strength, he started to cultivate different vegetables. His experimentation with different seeds brought no result. He failed again and again for 8 years with unbearable hurts and pain.

But his failure didn’t deter him from pursuing his desire to continue to do something with his piece of land. After some time, he suddenly thought “I shall give a last try to sow another seed which is called Golden Leaf seed. This grows rarely in the world; and, being rich in fragrance, it will attract all with its sweet fruits.” With renewed vigor he planted the seed. He watered and took care of it patiently for three months. Deep down in his heart he had doubts whether he would succeed or not. One day as usual expecting nothing much, he went to water the seed. He was astonished to see that the seed had started germinating. Later, within a year a beautiful Golden Leaf tree was present in front of his house. The tree began to attract many visitors. The visitors increased year by year and soon his place became a tourist spot. He started earning millions and millions of dollars from the tree. Thus, unlucky Kubera (a man of failure) became lucky Kubera (a man of success).
Later researchers found out that his hard work of eight years was nothing but a preparation of the ground for a Golden Leaf tree. Thus, all his failures were but stepping stones for eventual success.
Nothing is the end. Every end is a beginning. Failure is not the end of things, but it always points towards the end. Work hard, persistently and consistently; for, success will run towards you.

“Finally remember: Hard work drives away all misfortune and draws success.”


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