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There is only one hanger hanging without the dress in a little girl’s wardrobe. And that dress is worn by Sonal with a cute smile and eyes glance at the mirror. Just then her mother Preeti comes from behind wearing a beautiful Kanjivaram saree. She was trying to wear the earing’s which her husband gave her as a Christmas present, just six days ago.
`You’re looking doll ,baby’ her mother praises Sonal
‘No mamma, I’m PRINCESS’
`Okay baba, you’re princess’ her mother replied while kissing her gently
Aditya, the beloved father of Sonal started yelling from downstairs ‘Hurry up girls’
Preeti yelled back ‘Coming…….Just two minutes’
At the same time , Sangeeta was doing all the kitchen chores in her house.While her husband Ajay was watching news. They both had their own concerns to worry about.
But in between, there are these two guys who doesn’t have anything to concern or worry about. One is always busy in weaving the stories with its characters while the other is always interested in their emotions and complexity. Yes. I’m talking about Sumit, the only son of Sangeeta. And his grandmother Ganga. Their duo is the only one who can do justice to the grandmother and grandchildren relationship.
Meanwhile, Sangeeta didn’t want to waste any way of showing off to the guests.All the windows were covered with new curtains, a new soft door mat was placed, the room freshener which was there in the cupboard since ages has been used for the very first time in entire family history.
Sangeeta ordered Sumit to welcome the guests. As when they will enter, she will be coming with a happy face, and let them see her best Banarasi saree and the jeweleries.
The door bell rang and everything happens as per the plan. Both the ladies were amazed seeing each other’s saree. Preeti first complimented Sangeeta,’ You are looking gorgeous and even more slimmer, you must have done some magic’. Deep down her, she knew how fake she is sounding.
‘No,No! Nothing like that just a bit of Yoga.’ Sangeeta replied in a shy tone,’By the way look at the design of your saree, it’s so beautiful.
‘Aditya had bought it all the way from Usha Uttup’s designer. He is the best husband.’
‘Ya, that’s true.’
And finally they share a warm hug while Aditya and Ajay had just a normal greeting. Among the two families, Sonal was the happiest of all of them as she will be meeting with Ganga and Sumit after a very long time. She missed their company a lot. The moment Sumit saw Sonal, he held her hand and lead her to upstairs straight in the grandma’s room. Grandma was delighted to see Sonal after a long time
‘Hey Sona, you are looking gorgeous just like a princess’, praised Grandma while getting up and adjusting her glasses.
She hug her thanked dadi, not just because they were meeting after a long time but because she knew, she will receive this compliment from her.
Ganga let both the kids comfortably sit around her and held their hands.
‘So, what you did all these days?’ Sumit asked to Sonal out of excitement.
‘Just missed your company and Dadi’s amazing stories,’ she replied with a sweet smile.
Meanwhile, in the downstairs they all were having some snacks and juice. When Sumit came downstairs for the same, he noticed that Aditya and Ajay were busy on their phones while the ladies in each other’s jeweleries.
Sumit took the plate of snacks and bottle of juice and ran towards his room. He didn’t want to waste any moment with Sonal. He served the juice and snacks to two of them and took his share and get back to his seat.
They all were not in two different rooms, but in two different worlds as per their point of view on life.


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