Up we rise

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He was sitting all alone on the stairs of a boxing ring with medical dressing on his both eyes to cover the wounds and six stitches over his left eye. He had gone back to the ring where he fell, defeated and humiliated, where he lost all the light to the darkness within.It was so quiet when he heard wierd footsteps approaching him.
“Mr.Kishore! Is that you?” Asked the man with wierd footsteps.
“Yes and you are? ” Kishore asked
“Just a fan, I’m Ravindran” he replied.

“Oh! thank you and sorry I can’t see anything through these dressings and  to let you, a fan down last week” said kishore.

“No you didn’t let anyone down, you showed the world how tough of a fighter you are” he replied.

“What are you talking about ? Did you even see the fight or you’re here to mock me?” Kishore asked furiously.

“No, absolutely not , I meant everything I said” he replied.

“Look Mr.Ravindran I lost the match by knockout in the fourth round, I was knocked down thrice , once in each and every round before the fourth.Thomas is still the champ and here I am after a week at the hospital,  at the stairs of the ring in which I lost the fight , with the retirement announcement letter at my pocket along with the wounds from the fight including six stitches over my left eye. I had to get my driver’s help to walk from the stadium’s door to this ring. And you call me a tough fighter? Thomas , the one who did these to me is the tough fighter, not me” kishore said emotionally.
Ravindran looked at him and smiled for a moment and asked ” would you spare a few seconds to listen to what I have to say”.
Kishore nodded.
” There was a boxer who made it to the finals of the national championship but unfortunately a week before the finals, he lost a leg to a car accident which he later learned was a planned attack by the opponent’s sponsor restrict  him  from winning that fight. With rage he went with a gun to another fight of that opponent boxer who had become the champion already. He had to wait through few matches of upcoming boxers before the main event by when he had planned to shoot the fake champ. But, right before the main event , there was a match between two upcoming boxers , the man in blue vs the man in red, blue one had already been  knocked down four times , in seventh round he was knocked down for the fifth time for which everyone thought was the end of the match. But he stood up, again. That changed the one legged former boxer’s mind and heart who didn’t pull the trigger and went on to become the coach of THOMAS , the current champion.
The footsteps were wierd because Ravindran was the one legged boxer, walking with a stick created that noise. And the boxer at the blue corner was Kishore two years back.

“You showed me who’s a tough fighter, it’s not the one who beats someone easily or not even the one who never gets beaten , it’s the one who falls but refuses to stay down. So , I decided to fight my battle and not lose myself to the rage .You taught me that if you wanna fight, you gotta stand up again and again and  forever. now it’s time you do it again. Be a fighter” Ravindran said and walked away.
Realising what had happened kishore reached to his pocket and tore his letter of retirement.


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