//Vastalya Grah”Home for homeless and abandoned”

Vastalya Grah”Home for homeless and abandoned”

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There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of her life to make life”.

“Baby was lying on the stairs of hospital in the village of Nashik” crying being vulnerable to all sorts of danger. Everyone noticed but tried to ignore it. This seems like any movie scene but it was not. This was actual irony that noticed by one of the women of that village. Being mother of daughter it was hard for her to leave that girl child on stairs. She inquired everyone, hospital staff, about that abandoned newborn baby. No answers about her identity. She was being advised that should not interfere in such matters better to inform the police. But, as women couldn’t garner so much courage to leave that unfortunate.

She decided to be the savior and caregiver of her life. She took that baby along with her and informed in the hospital if anyone comes to inquire to send them to her. She took her home feed her. But then this lady realized that how she will raise two daughters as her financial situation was worse. Her husband earning was to just suffice daily needs. She was stitching clothes. She was struggling with financial hardships to make ends meet. But she realized her pain and suffering minimal against such cases where infants especially girl child left unwanted striving for survival. Many more such cases came in front of her as tribes of that village abandoned their newborns after birth as they can’t afford to raise them. And they just leave them like this.

There are myriad reasons too such as firstly poverty, secondly unemployment, thirdly illiteracy as they are unaware of family planning methods.

Such cases shook that lady’s inner voice and she decided that she will work for such kids and m provide the basic rights of food, shelter, living. Her steps were undeterred irrespective of financial hurdles and false claims too. But she proved that with faith, selfless devotion and dedication to duty there is nothing worthwhile that you cant achieve. In this struggling journey, she met with an NGO Samarpan Charitable Trust. Her Dedication, selfless love got applauded. She was appointed as a board member of that trust . Trust decided to look after that homeless home named

To live selflessly, one must be less of self

“Vastalya Grah” under that trust. Lady today successfully running her “Vastalya Grah” for unwanted, homeless kids providing them love, shelter, food, education. Promoting their participation in various competitions, their holistic development. Those kids are doing well earning accolades.

Indeed she justified this Quote that” strongest people make time to help others even when they are struggling themselves”

That lady and those kids of ‘Vastalya Grah’ are inspiration for me. Those kids manifested how to be happy in adverse situations, be grateful for what you have rather than which you have not. Contended and joyful faces with small little things they are getting.  This lady epitome an inspiration how she started such noble cause herself with meager resources, financial obstacles. But undoubtedly great heart and soul creating life of others, making them independent, food to hungry, shelter to homeless.


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