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What is the Purpose of Life?

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The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy its all that matters” quoted by Audrey Hepburn. Here, is a story of enlightenment achieved  by a little angel Mehak, She can be any one among us. Mehak, a  girl of 16 years studying in Lucknow Public School. She was the “curious question” Queen of the class.  Mehak was a girl with a free soul who strive to acknowledge the reason of her existence in this world. 

Life is not all about leading or earning more. Its beyond the imagination of a normal living soul….

Mehak, discovers that luxury and big achievement is not the real happiness. It is far from the chits and bits of gossips, money, Back bitching, insulting, or even scoring high”.

I, Jeeni, read all this on her personal blog of living where she scribbled about life. In the very next page She pen down her experience of  a park. that Mehak is one of children who want to get close to life, its mesmerizing purpose and specially to know Whats the real happiness?

I was sitting on the bench of  the Elasiya park and watching small kiddos sliding and swinging. The jovial happiness was grasping my soul like my heart was filled with love. I was admiring all around myself, the beauty of blossomed roses, falling of black berries, a strong wind with a pleasing threshold and the c-curved faces of those children.I felt like everything grasping the attention of my eyeballs was having “life”. Not a single thing in that park was stagnant like a muddy water. Every smile on the pinkish faces of  small children, who were just playing around without any anxiety on their face, the blossoming flowers, and greenery covering the whole park was eye catching. At the moment I thought about myself that

Why do god Send me on this world ?

What all makes me happy?

I was pondering over the day when I got above the expected score in my boards, My mood swing on hearing Helly’s marks which was more than mine, Luxuaries received by Helly, her losing of happiness after days for the same precious things , which she was fond of.I questioned myself if that was not happiness. Then do my Happiness belongs in these Kids whom I am watching now and feeling the air in her chest?

Suddenly, I saw one child  crying in front. Her mamma came running with a folded chapati in her hand and wiped his tear and make him eat the food. The child was quite happy with that chapati. He doesn’t need extra ordinary pizza, Burger to fulfill his stomach and make him satisfying and happy.Then, I understood that Happiness is nothing to do with money or luxury. It’s about making other person happy with little efforts of care and compassion”

And Why we are here i.e. the soul purpose of our existence?

The reason is very pristine that We are here not only to become rich, earn a lot but,to be happy and make others happy. Money cant buy everything. “Happiness is within ourselves and need to be shared and cherished among everyone. It increases with giving time, attention to oneself and other as well. If we are able to share our little with others and it makes them happy. Our purpose of life is complete in one sense. Talk to people , listen to them with compassion. Life is not all about jealousy, hatred, competition, worry, and people pleasing. It about bringing smile at least on one face everyday. Our life will be elevated to one step higher. The satisfaction of ushering sparkles of Euphoria on the faces of people will be unbelievable”.

Try it. You will be enlighten as Mehar. 



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