//Where there is Love,there is Life

Where there is Love,there is Life

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This is my personal love story. It might seem filmy but the pain and gain are true for sure. Iam basically a nerd, reserved and an introvert. Love and stuff were definitely not my cup of tea. But life had plans for a huge rollercoaster ahead for me.
I fell in love with a boy during my degree .He was my cousin’s neighbour.  We started off as friends which later blossomed to be realstionship very soon. But It did not remain undisclosed for long. My parents got to know about it within a month and I had to fight in my home for my decision. Not just once but thrice where me and my boy both got beaten. Then we told them we would stop and but in our minds we believed Destiny. My parents took my phone away from me. I hardly heard anything about him. But he searched for me in all possible ways. He contacted my cousin who knew our love. The mere news I get to hear about him came from her. Exactly two years later, I met my love again but not in same state. From being BBM dropout to being owner of men’s wear showroom, he grew a lot. We then decided to get married and I got register marriage with him. But in fear my parents I didn’t convince them and I had to go legally .I had to meet my parents in DCP’s office but failed ruthlessly in getting their acceptance. They got angry and they rejected me forever. They were very angry seeing their daughter’s marriage happen in such unanticipated way. My connection with my parents got damaged totally . His parents were not at all Okey with me from early days but had to be convinced since they had no other go. But my condition worsened. I couldn’t even call or meet my family. My aunt searched for us and came to us to perish my dream of getting my family back. After overcoming her negative shade , then I had to start my life with my loved one but my uncle made my husband’s business closed to ruin me. But our love still stood in the storm. We started from scratch . With empty handed we struggled to earn our daily bread to shelter. But my husband never left me with hunger. I cried for my parents ,I cried for my happy live life , I cried a lot. We made our home. He started as helper boy ,then as bank employee and then our lives improved. But our parents never gave glance of hope to us. But I managed to gain my mother’s trust again with a whole lot of struggle. After enormous rejections we slowly managed to get among them. We started building our lives securely. He made me do my master’s degree where I did all my best to progress academically. Within which he made immense growth professionally. Presently he owns a dress showroom and a magnificent wholesale liquor shop. We now live happily with our parents and peacefully in our settled lives.

Infinite love

Our love quinched all our thirsts in our struggles. Niether society nor our families could pinch our bonding. Our belief on God and trust upon one another made us survive in hardships , cross it and win over them. Love is something which is never appreciated easily but when it turns out be happiest and successful, then there is definitely universal acceptance but only with patience.


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