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Worst Relation Or Best Lession…?

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This is the story of a girl named Disha who fell in love with a boy named Lalit who’s 6 year elder than her. Disha loved Lalit so much. She could do anything for make him smile.

She started living with him in live-in-relationship after three years of their relationship. After some time she realized that her boyfriend is cheating with her. She tried everything to stop him but she failed , So she decided to walkout from their relationship. After this , Lalit said to her that please don’t go , I’ll never cheat you again and started crying in front of her. She loved him so much that’s why She agreed to stay with him again & this was the biggest mistake of Disha. She thought he’s saying the truth but she was wrong.

He never changed. In fact he started humiliating Disha. He started blackmailing her. He said If you ever tried to go, I’ll upload your obscene photos on internet which he clicked when she was taking bath. She was feeling helpless. She could not do anything. she became depressed. Neither she could tell about this anyone nor she could take help of anyone. Lalit started taking advantages from Disha. She never imagined that the boy whom she loves so much , will behave with her on this way. He started abusing and beating her whenever she didn’t give him money. This made her very depressive. She was totally broken. 

After few months, she red handed caught him with another girl when he was intimating with her (other girl ). She cried very much , She requested to him that he shouldn’t do this with her but he didn’t listen. 

Time passed and it’s been 8 years of this abusive relationship & one day she got the password of his laptop on which he stored Disha’s photos. She was very brilliant since her childhood and Lalit has no idea about her that she’s well knowledge of  computer’s software. She deleted all her photos and removed all the data which is related to her from his laptop. 

After this, she finally broke up her relationship with him and moved on. She told everything to her parents and they became very happy for their daughter. They helped her in every manner for moving on. She said to them that she wants to go another city and start a new life. They agreed with her decision and allowed her to go their. After few days, she moved to another city where she started the preparation of Indian Civil Services Exam. 

During the preparation of civil services she met a boy ,named Kabir. He was also preparing for civil services. They became very good friends. After one year they cracked the IAS exam and both of them became the IAS officer. During their training days in LBSNAA ( Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administration Academy, Mussorie , Uttarakhand ) he proposed her and after few months when she finally realized that he’s a nice guy , she said Yes.  

After training coincidentally, they both posted on same location on different posts. Than they talked about their relation to their parents and they became agreed for their marriage. After some time they got married and started a happy life together.

Moral of the story is never love and trust someone blindly. Disha’s one mistake of trusting her boyfriend again ruined 5 years of her life and when she focused on her carrier she became an IAS officer and second time when she fell in love she dosen’t love blindly and after that she got a perfect life partner. So, always remember – Carrier First, Dating Last. 


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